What is the right answer to Legal questions?

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/22/2009 | Legal
Its hard for a common person to discriminate between an ordinary and a legal question, sometimes what we are saying is a legal thing but we ourselves dont know about this and there is nothing strange in it as well; one must not expect himself to be a legal expert unless he has law degree. Some people who have been in the company of legal attorneys, though they are not directly qualified to differentiate but due to their exposure t the people from that trade, they get  a little knowledge that may become dangerous, as has been said, a little knowledge is dangerous.

Legal question varies from case to case depending upon the nature, severity and duration of the case. No standard format has neither been developed nor is available in this connection; it has to be a focused question/answer session of the client with some legal advisor which can sum up the whole story, the background and the future proceedings. Legal questions are sometimes too tricky and to teasing for the parties, one may feel uncomfortable with the proceedings after listening the questions and the minute details, but, we must realize the intelligence of the legal attorney who is going so deep down in details to find any outstanding and key answer n which the whole case can be built.

If someone wants to establish that she has been raped or sexually abused; she must be ready to openly discuss each and every minute step in the whole activity without any mistrust on lawyer about his bad intension to get sensual pleasure by listening the proceedings. She must be very firm and faithful in her approach and must answer all legal questions with a lot of confidence and believe without any shyness or guilty feeling; that is how your legal attorney can get your justice at the end of the day.

Legal questions provides a solid foundation t the lawyer on which he erects the whole structure of the case, nothing should be concealed from your lawyer just like a doctor, a single and very minute information can play decisive role toward the end of the case, so, we must try to understand the importance to critical role of legal questions. Make sure that your legal attorney is a professional and experienced person, he possesses a sound character and has a track record of winning most challenging cases, once you have got all these things ensured, go ahead and answer anything without hesitation but with total truth.

Some people have to pay double price for legal consultancy if they hid e any important or unimportant details while question/ answers session or during other discussions involving legal questions, they pay the fee and they pay the price for loosing the case, so, its better to learn from others experience and avoid all such mistakes that may bring disastrous results in your legal proceedings for any particular case. We should take legal proceedings as a very serious affair and should differentiate it from a friends discussion where we can lie and can hide such things which makes us embarrass on your acts. Behavior is the key, the better you behave, and the more beneficial it will be for you to go for legal proceedings.