The Peridot Gemstone

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/26/2006 | Social Issues
Peridot, the birthstone of August is a golden green sparkling stone that is quite popular today and has been used as an adornment for thousands of years.

This clear and stunning gemstone is unchanging in color, even when the light fades and is often referred to as "evening emerald". This stone was popular in ancient Egyptian jewelry and is often paired with other gemstones in contemporary sterling silver jewelry.

Peridot was not only popular in jewelry but was also found to be used in Medieval churches as an adornment and accessory for the church. The tranquil green color can be very calming so you can see why it has been so popular throughout the ages.

Peridot has had it's uses as a healing stone as well. In Hawaii, this stone symbolizes the tears of the goddess Pele and teeny stones can be found on some of the beaches. Taken internally, it is thought to help relieve asthma and the stone is also thought to bring power and influence to those who own it.

Peridot which is found in the Red Sea island of St Johns, China, Pakistan, New Mexico, Arizona and Burma is composed of iron, magnesium and silicate can range in color from olive to brownish green to yellow-green. The stone is not very hard and must be cut carefully as it can easily be broken during cutting.

Peridot is a type of stone that is suited for everyday wear. It is not a heavy stone and will not "take over" your whole outfit. This stone requires minimal care and can go with casual as well as formal wear. Although you can wear peridot at any time of year, it is particularly suited for summer wear. The lime green color is a perfect accent for most summer colors including white, turquoise, peach and yellow.

Peridot can be set into necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets and looks great in both gold and silver settings. This gemstone is striking when used alone in jewelry but also works well with other stones including turquoise, iolite, amethyst, garnet and citrine.

When buying peridot be aware that some stones are treated with waxes or resins to enhance color. The best color to choose when shopping for peridot is a vivid lime green color with no brownish tones. As with any gemstone, the larger the stone the more you can expect to pay and you won't find many larger than 3 carats. As with any jewelry, pick the best you can afford in a style that you love and you can't go wrong!