5 Skin Care Sins You Might Be Committing

By Marilynn Syrett Published 03/16/2009 | Beauty

Women are conscious about their beauty  and skin care. However, in the rush of the day compromises overrule  care and most of us end up committing grave sins to our skin. Here  are the 5 most common sins you may be committing and ways you can  teach yourself to stop (hopefully):
  Going to Sleep Without  Removing Make-Up
  No matter how much you love your make-up,  donít take it with you to bed. The repercussions the next morning  are not good. Puffy eyes are not the only obvious consequence. Layers  of foundation and blush stops your skin from breathing and clogs your  pores. Your skin becomes prone to acne and exhibits a dull  complexion
  Always keep a pack of wet or moisturized face wipes  at your bedside. This way even if you donít have the might or will  to drag yourself to the bathroom to wash your face, you can just wipe  off the make-up in a matter of seconds. But remember, there is  nothing better for your skin than washing your face with lukewarm  water at night With the proper cleanser.
  Note: Even if you  donít apply make up your skin gets infected with pollution and  other dirt particles. It also accumulates oil that can give rise to  acne blemishes if not washed off..
    Picking your Pimples
  It  has been preached well and enough and been hammered into our heads  for generations. We all know that popping zits on our face can leave  us with life-long scars but still the temptation of instant  elimination is too hard to overcome.
  Leaving a pimple alone may  make it disappear in just two-three days. Popping a pimple can triple  its life to seven or even ten days.Dirt from your fingers transfers  bacteria into the pores and aggravates the situation.
  Where a  pimple appears on your face, apply a good quality anti acneic product  on it. Try iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance. It has zinc sulfate  and 0.5% of kojic acid that prevents the occurrence of acne and helps  reduce blemishes and inflammations.
  Note: Resist the urge to touch  and fiddle with a pimple even if you donít mean to break it. You  are doing more harm than actually popping it.
    Using Make-Up  Testers
  We all love to hang around the beauty counter a check  at least a dozen of cosmetic samples before deciding the one to  purchase. But whatís irking is that some women test it out on  themselves. It is synonymous to sharing make-up with million  customers who might have indulged themselves the same way.
  No  matter how safely cosmetics are stored at the counter, bacteria and  germs will definitely get transferred through customers using them.  That is why just never test make up on your face. If you want to  check out the color, do so on your hands. And remember to wipe it off  with a cotton ball or sponge immediately afterwards.
    Nibbling  your Cuticles
  This comes close to an OCD (obsessive compulsive  disorder). Torn and damaged cuticles lead to hangnails and other  infections. And they are a pretty ugly to look at.
  Always  keep your hands moisturized up to the skin around your nails. If they  are well hydrated, you will have fewer snags and thus be less tempted  to nibble them off. In fact get hold of a good cuticle cream and  massage it onto your hands daily. While you shower, push back the  overgrown cuticles gently. If you want, invest in a good cuticle  repair cream.
  Note:Apply extra care to your fingers and  cuticles during the winter.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific. She has a keen interest in studying the use and effectiveness of special skin care products and acne treatments.