Going Fishing? Clothing Advice

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/26/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Clothing might not seem to you to be an integral part of your fishing gear. Of course, one cannot expect that clothing is as important in fishing as the fishing rod for it is not. But that does not imply that you should completely overlook the aspect of proper clothing during fishing. Clothing might ruin your day or make it a success. If you have everything but comfort while fishing, maybe you are not enjoying your sport as much as you could otherwise.

First thing that you should keep in mind is comfort. If you do not feel comfortable during your hours of wait, you have already ruined your experience. Dress according to the weather.

If it is sunny and very bright, it is advised that you should have proper shades to protect your eyes. Have with you a cool straw hat. You do not know how handy a hat might seem at times. In case the day is warm, be lightly garbed. But do keep in mind that often in the open, a warm day gets followed very quickly by a cool evening. Be assured that you do not find yourself with simply your light summer clothes in the middle of a chilly evening.

Before going out with your equipment, check on the local weather forecast. See if you can expect rains. Being caught up in the middle of a lake in heavy rain without any proper cover can be a horrible experience. You can take along a raincoat with you if they are expecting a shower at the weather office and you still want to have your trip.

If you are, suppose, ice fishing, there are a number of clothing advices that you should follow by heart. Be heavily dressed. Do not wear light clothes to fish on a frozen lake. Absolutely not commendable. If you feel too warm, you can always shed those extra clothes. It often gets nastily cold over a frozen water body. If you have already dug a few holes and cast a few lines and then feel like you are freezing, that's not the most rewarding of thoughts you might have. Make sure about another thing, do not wear clothes that are not easy to get out of. Ice fishing has this added hazard that, the ice might break. You never know if it will or if it will not. Restrictive clothes make it very difficult to get out of in case you have broken through and plunged into icy cool water. Keep your boot laces undone if you feel like it. They are easier to get rid of that way.

Wherever you fish, make sure that you have proper boots on. If you are fishing near woodlands, high ankle boots are recommended. High boots safeguard you against snake bites and your accidentally brushing against poisonous plants and insects.

Wear a boot that will prevent you from slipping. In case the floor of your boat has become wet, without proper boots, you might slip and fall in the water. Such an accident is not uncommon.

To prevent insect bites, do not forget to use insect repellents on your body where it is not covered by clothing.

Always use a flotation suit or a floating jacket, an imperative if your swimming is weak. Even if you are a good swimmer, no reason not to be careful.