How to Plan Your Alaska Fishing Trip

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/26/2006 | Fishing and Boating

No better place for saltwater fishing than Alaska. The state is an angler's dream come true. Coupled with Alaska's virgin natural greenery and white expanse, you will find there the most picturesque and beautiful lakes, rivers and surrounding ocean. And what is more, the water bodies are teeming with prize fish waiting for you to catch them.

Alaska has one of the most well developed entertainment fishing industry in the United States. You can, from the comfort of your home, make your own bookings online. You can choose your own boat and choose the captain whose name you find the most appealing from a list.

Alaska is home to some of the largest Salmon, Rainbow, Arctic Char, barn door Halibut and other such game fish species. It is challenging turf. If you are a beginning amateur, no problem, you will have your own expectation's worth in Alaska. If you are a real pro, Alaska will pose you with that challenge which you had been looking for years to prove yourself. This state is a real professional place for amateurs.

In fact, the Pacific Ocean near Alaska is home to some five different species of Salmons. Among them, not the least, the prize King Salmon.

Before you embark on your journey, be aware of a few things. Such as, Alaska's geography. Go over the map and let yourself know the five different areas that Alaska is divided into by heart and then decide upon where in Alaska to go to. Get familiar with the local weather. It surely will not do if you land in the Northern state in clothes lighter than you require. You will find it hard to last in the extreme wintry temperature of the Northern state. Get to know the place really well before you actually move in.

Also, get an idea about which region supplies what kind of fishing services. This is not a tough task, something that you can do well from your home computer or during the office break. Where would you like to fish? Will you prefer Deep Creek, the seat of Salmons? Or should you rather go for a Halibut fishing trip?

There are remote fishing lodges in Alaska which are romantically secluded and cannot be approached by any other means but by a float-plane. In the isolation of an ice filled expanse, concentrate on nothing but your next Halibut, Salmon or Lingcod. Or if you are more savvy to the idea of taking a helicopter over the white frozen fields of Alaska, maybe you would like a remote stretch of the exotic Talachulitna River for your fishing.

There are lodges in remote Alaska which serve only about five or six fishermen per week. Example, the remote Kenai peninsula, good place for fishing with its beautiful haul of salmon.

You will also find a number of guided fishing tours in Alaska. The benefit of such guided tours is, primarily, if you are a beginner, you do not have to fumble about and get embarrassed at every step. It will be a learning trip and if you return to Alaska for fishing again, you will by then be kind of a pro in the sport, having learned the art from professionals.

Think of yourself, on the deck of your chartered boat, concentrating on nothing but big fish, away from office and humdrum life, tucked away neatly in a corner in the world, waiting to feel the next tug on your fishing rod. Complete heaven, but only if you have planned well from before!