How to Plan Your Bash Fishing Trips

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/26/2006 | Fishing and Boating

Bass fish come in many variations. They are, however, not one particular scientific species, but a loosely named group of food fishes. Various bass fishes have such local names such as Rock, White, Black Crappie, Small mouth, Large mouth or Black Bass.

The family of Bass in the United Stated is rather extensive with 9 genera and nearly 30 individual species of fish together classed under the name.

Bass fishing is a favorite sport with American anglers. They are some of the most challenging game fish to be found in the United States. Even if Bass fish are often not as large as some other game fish, they do not make life easy for the angler. Bass fishing is not the easiest.

A standard tackle for Bass fishing would include a 9ft to 10ft fishing rod which would, ideally, be fitted with a salt resistant Arbor reel. This gives, in total, an effect of perfect balance and strength to the fishing rod.

When you go fishing for bass, you will need a lot of line in your reel, because, a Bass might go off to a distance of a hundred meters from where you are positioned after getting hooked.

While buying line for your bass fishing trip, there are a lot of options available for you. One thing that you must have in mind is that, you must check the line for it's knot-making capability before buying. At the same time you should also ensure that the line is malleable enough to respond to the fish's slightest tugs or nibbles. Best buy would be a braided fishing line, which doubly ensures that your line will not break in the middle of an enjoyable tussle. Braided lines are tougher than other varieties. Remind yourself not to use normal freshwater line, since, if not specifically made for sea water, the line will rot at contact with acrid saline water.

Saltwater has this unhappy knack of eroding everything that comes into its contact. Therefore, make sure that after each time you fish, you clean up your fishing tackle.

If you have decided that you want to fish Bass this year, yet have not chosen a location, there are a number of destinations where Bass is to be found in abundance. The Calico Bass, called Black Crappie at some locations, are to be found in the upper Mississippi valley, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and the Great lakes. The Rock Bass can be found near the Alleghany mountains and near Manitoba in Canada. Small mouth Bass can be found in Lake Champlain situated southwest to the Appalachian region. Yellow Bass are available in lower Mississippi. In Florida Lake Okeechobee is a destination for prize Bass fish.

Fishing with shiners is a recommended way of catching your Bass. And keep in mind, if you are in a budget trip, do use artificial lures. They are, by far, the most economical. Your light weight fly fishing equipment help you to keep pace with the constantly moving Bass fish. They are some of the fastest movers and not at all easy to detect. If you are not getting any bites, probably that has been caused by the fact that the fish are not anywhere near. Speed is of paramount importance in Bass fishing. If one spot looks suddenly deserted, you must quickly move on to the next.

There are a lot of Internet websites from where you can book your spot on a boat and arrange your complete trip from your home. So, don't wait anymore! Get your tackle ready and set out for a remarkable experience.