Safety Tips if You are Planning a Fishing Trip

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/26/2006 | Fishing and Boating

The first thing that you need to know is that, fishing, unlike many other outdoor activities, is not a potentially dangerous sport. But, it might become a problem if you are completely dismissive of safety standards and feel like doing everything your way. Especially if you have children around you. For, the equipment you use in a fishing trip are potentially hazardous. There are the fishing hooks that might cause flesh injuries, or, more nastily, can get into the eyes. There are knives and other sharp edged instruments that you cannot do without while fishing, but they should be always kept under caution.

If you have chartered your own boat for some deeper water fishing, then you need to be especially careful about navigating the vessel rightly. If you are a complete novice when it comes to boating, its probably best to take along with you a professional hand. A misguided boat might take you absolutely anywhere.

There is also the potential risk of the boat getting capsized if you are really inept with the oars. If you have only rudimentary swimming between you and the other occupants of the boat, this might create a really big problem for you, indeed. Its probably better to fish from the banks if you have no swimming.

If you are an avid fishing enthusiast, consider buying your own flotation suit or life jacket. If you cannot quite swim by yourself, consider a life jacket to be an absolutely essential life saver. There can be no alternative to this equipment. It is especially important while you are ice fishing too. If you, god forbid, fall through the ice, a life jacket will save your life. Especially, since you are most likely to be heavily garbed otherwise and therefore would get thoroughly soaked in chilly water.

While ice fishing you might keep in mind another thing. Do not tie your shoe laces. If you fall through the ice, your shoes might become the most cumbersome attire that you can think of. If the laces are not tightly done, you may, with relative ease, kick them off and swim for awhile before rescue arrives. With shoes, swimming is impossible.

While ice fishing, you should also remember not to fish in an area where there are no people fishing nearby. Be sure to be in society, it is always safer that way. An accident can be easily detected and fatalities averted if people know your location.

Be cleverly dressed. If you are ice fishing, do don your heaviest clothes even if you do not feel that cold. There is a tendency of weather often getting extremely cold over the hard water-body. Be careful in choosing your mittens. If you are fishing in hot weather, be lightly attired so that movement is not impeded by clumsy clothes.

Take, along with your fishing equipment, sunscreen and good glasses. Do not forget to take adequate food with you. Insect repellents are a must when you are camping and fishing. And keep in mind that everybody in your team should move around in groups of at least two. For good measure, have with you a snakebite kit. You never know when it is going to come in handy.

If you have children around, be doubly sure of where you keep your baits, hooks and knives. Curious children have a propensity towards handling potential hazards.