Postcards: Powerful Marketing Tools for any Business

By Katie Marcus Published 04/3/2009 | Marketing
Do you know why postcard printing is so popular for so many years? Because among the marketing collaterals available to market any business, printing postcards are the tried and tested marketing campaign that works hard to get you your ROIs.

With so many promotional materials available nowadays, online or otherwise, business owners and marketers go back to promotional postcards to get their message across. Postcard printing is indeed one of the most indispensable marketing campaigns that any business can have. Printing postcards is simple, affordable, practical, flexible, and highly effective. When your aim is to reach as many target clients as possible without having to go bankrupt by doing so, postcards can be your direct mail collaterals.

So why are postcards valuable collaterals?

Postcard printing is simple and cheap. Without depleting your coffers, you are able to have marketing collaterals that effectively convey your message to as many target clients as you want. The small size packs a huge punch that touches your readers’ emotions and issues at an affordable cost to you.

Postcards are very personal. This is one of the reasons why people in general have a soft heart when it comes to printing postcards. Postcards are social, friendly and special collaterals that allow you to say your sales pitch without being too aggressive about it. They are like greeting cards in a different form.

Postcards are read and kept. Studies have shown that postcards are read more often than any other mail material. In fact, people are 6 times more likely to read a postcard simply because you do not need to open an envelope before you can reach the message. The content is there in plain sight.

Postcards are flexible. The only limit to your unique design and layout is your mind. You can draw any design you want. You can be as creative as you want to be. Postcards do come in all shapes and sizes, and forms. All it takes is your imagination to see a different collateral that would impress your target clients.

Postcards complement other marketing collaterals. They are the most popular ads that can be used to complement your other collaterals. They are small enough not to overwhelm the other ads, and they are big enough to further emphasize your message.

Lastly, postcard printing helps you to have an easy tracking method to identify your success in your marketing campaign. Just include a strong and compelling call-to-action and your target clients would more than likely respond positively to your message.

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Katie Marcus writes information about online printing and commercial printing technologies.