The Ultimate Saltwater Fishing Gear Buying Guide

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/26/2006 | Fishing and Boating

You have decided on going on a saltwater fishing trip this vacation. But the problem is, you are not really very knowledgeable about the saltwater fishing equipment available in the market. But equipment you must need. Best in this situation is not to go for the hobby shop without any idea about what you are going to buy there. Wait and get a little acquainted with the subject. First get to know what you may need while you are out fishing and only after you have a good idea, go for the buy.

There are a number of things that you will need when you go out for saltwater fishing. From your fishing rods to the fishing boat accessories and comfortable clothing. And you should have a passable idea about all of these before you actually start on buying them. Since, without a medium thorough knowledge regarding the subject, you are most likely to leave out essentials from your list.

First things first, you need a proper fishing rod. Now, fishing rods come in a number of different makes. You need to make a proper choice at the store. Much of it, of course, depends upon your own comfort. Are you more comfortable with a light rod? Then you should not, even at the insistence of the salesman, buy a heavier rod. You must be careful while checking the fishing rod  for suppleness and flexibility. So that, if a larger fish bites your bait, you do not have to be disappointed because your inferior rod could not hold. There's available in the market a rod which is an integrated one piece rod, with the reel attached. This one is light and often chosen because of its easy maneuvering. You can also choose the perfect bait casting rods which allows your bait to land in the spot of your choosing perfectly, regardless of the light weight of the bait. A fishing rod is generally very durably made, so that it can withhold a lot of tension. They have, generally, a graphite core which is surrounded by fibers. But, even if most of the makes use the same procedure for making their fishing rod, quality differs considerably. Therefore, a preliminary research, before you actually commit yourself to buying, is necessary.

While buying reels, you must be careful that the one you buy is perfectly matched to your requirements. Make sure that the reel has a smooth drag yet does not let line slip. If you have chosen a fine rod that is able to cast bait up to some distance, you must match it with a proper bait casting reel.

For fishing lines, you better choose something tough, durable, yet limp and supple. This gives the line strength, yet you will not miss the slightest tugs or nibbles of the fish. Make sure that its easy to tie knots with your line.

When it comes to baits, you have a wide range of choices. What you need to buy depends completely upon what you are intending to catch. Are you going for a Salmon? Or would you go for an exclusive Halibut fishing trip? Whichever, you have a number of options to choose from. These days, you even get electric lures that attract the fish like mad.

As for other equipment like clothing: other than boots and light clothes you should also have a proper fishing jacket, an immense help. Among other things, do not forget a proper knife, weighing scales, measuring tape and other such accessories that people tend to forget easily, but are quite important nevertheless. For good measures, you can add a camera to the inventory.