Top Fly Fishing Destinations

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/26/2006 | Fishing and Boating

No use disavowing the pleasantness of a fly fishing experience. Complete meditative relaxation, and the prize to such devotion: fish nibbling enthusiastically at the other end of your fishing line. Sit up, prepare for the duel at hand.

But we are probably getting ahead of our topic. First things first, we know that you are fly fishing. But where are you? What's your exact location? Which fly fishing destination did you choose from all the available ones? Only after that primary decision come the rest, the relaxation and the struggle.

First ask yourself, are you more interested in Trout, or is it Salmon that beckons you this year? You should choose your destination according to your likes and dislikes. If you are sure that Salmon is what yo want this year, o for Alaska. It is, without any doubt, one of the prime fishing locations in the world. In Alaska, you will find a number of fishing and traveling facilities cut for you. If you are a beginner, you will find guided fly fishing tours where, as well as fishing for yourself, you get to learn from professionals the fine art of fishing to perfection. If you are a pro, doubtless, you do not need to take a guided tour. There are a lot of challenges waiting for you in Alaska. For example, did you know that in Alaska you get about five different sub species of Salmons? Among these, you will also find the King Salmon, any time a challenging catch. Therefore, arrange your flies in your tackle box, and head for the northern state.

If you have already been to Alaska and the place has lost its charms for you, you can choose an international destination as well. If you like Europe, go to Hampshire, England. What better place to indulge into the sport than this, which can be considered the seat of modern angling. It was from England, and especially from this region of England that fly fishing turned out to be such an engrossing pastime. The six million anglers that the United States can at present boast of, have their sports lineage derived from this county in idyllic English countryside. Indulge into fly fishing in the streams threading through the lush English landscape.

You can go to North and South Islands, New Zealand. A fabulous opportunity for the fly fisherman. In the Shotover River you can fish as many trouts as your skill will allow you. In these waters you can also find the trout-like Lunker Browns and Rainbows. You can take a guided tour up this river even. The advantage of having an experienced guide is that you will find a lot of good advice regarding the technicalities of fly fishing. The experienced guide will teach you with ease the difference between Rock and Trout.

Closer home, Canada offers a good many fly fishing locations. But among them the most commendable would be Labrador.

In Russia you will have Kola Peninsula, one of the prime fishing locations on earth. The Kola River is one of the most important fly fishing locations internationally.

Closer home, you might choose Snake River, near Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Park. The place is accessible by plane, the nearest airport being at Jackson Hole.

There are hundreds of good fly fishing facilities across the world, some good, some fantastic. However, it is very hard to objectively rank the locations since beauty and utility of the place of choice would mostly lie in the eyes of the beholder.