5 Points You Must Consider Before Taking Admission In An MBA Institute

By Zaithyn Galter Published 04/7/2009 | Education
Joining a Business School is one of the most important decisions that a student or a working professional takes in life. The MBA degree can bring a major change in a person's career, be it in getting his / her dream job, promoting the person directly to the management cadre of a company or even help in making a complete shift in domain. If you are planning to join a management institute, you will have a tough time deciding which institute to join. Therefore you must take a lot many things into consideration while selecting the institute you will be joining.

This article lists the five most important things that you must consider before taking admission into a management college.

Recognition This is the most important thing to consider since your career growth post-MBA will depend on this factor. Check if the degree awarded by the Institute is recognized both by the academic sector and the industries. If the institute awards Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in one of several fields of management, make sure the degree is approved by the AICTE and also has received recognition from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). If the institute awards MBA then the degree must be approved by the University Grant Commission (UGC). In addition the degree conferred by the institute must have industry recognition which will help you in your career progression.

Curriculum The most updated the curriculum the more updated you are. Therefore you must check if the curriculum followed in the institute is the most updated one. Many institutes have academic tie-ups with the world renowned institutes such as MIT, Harvard and Wharton which is an assurance that you will be taught the latest curriculum.
Infrastructure A top rated business school offers truly world class infrastructure wherein students receive all-round education. Check if the institute has modern infrastructure and facilities such as latest communication devices to deliver lectures, fully computerized environment, Wi-Fi and a well-stocked library with access to all the reputed books and journals.

Faculty This is also an important factor that you should consider before joining an institute. It is the well-educated faculties who will bring in the best curriculum into your syllabus and teach you exactly what is being taught at the best management schools in the world. Many institutes are known to have some of the renowned personalities as faculty. These institutes are always the most preferred destinations of MBA aspirants. Two other factors that you must also consider about faculty is the number of full-time professors and lecturers and the teacher-student ratio. An institute with more full-time teachers and one where the teacher-student ratio is high are more preferred by the students.

Placement An MBA aspirant is most interested in the placements which an institutes provides. All the factors stated above have direct impact on the placement of an institute. Find out the companies that regularly visits the institute for summer placements and for hiring students as their employees. Also get some information about the average salary offered to the students.

Once you have sufficient and reliable information about these factors, you can easily rank the institutes where you would like to join and also finalize the college you will get the best return from the course.

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