Popular US Fishing Destinations

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/26/2006 | Fishing and Boating

The USA is a large country, one of the largest in the world, and the breadth and variety of its landscape and waterscape is astounding. For the serious angler, it provides fabulous opportunities for catching almost all kinds of game fish that you have heard of. From the icy northern state of Alaska to the sun-bathed Florida and the fun-filled islands of Hawaii, the country is a fisherman's dream come true!

Take Alaska, for instance. It is a large state with a very long coastline and numerous rivers and streams the ideal sort of place for fishing! Bristol Bay in the south-western part, Prince of wales island in the south-east, and the Copper River in the heartland of the state are all famous fishing destinations. But what makes Alaska really stand apart is its Salmon fishing, and if you are into that, the place you want to go will be the legendary Kodiak River. The private islands scattered around this region mostly cater to anglers and tourists, and can boast of some of the finest hospitality in the country, complete with great food, regular steam bath facilities and saunas. And believe me, in the Alaskan climate you're going to need your saunas!

Among the main conglomerate of the states, the northernmost state is Washington. Though the climate isn't warm enough for game fishing, the state's small coastline provides surprisingly rich opportunities for saltwater fly-fishing. There are multitudes of Coho Salmon that return each year to the estuaries of the north-western states, in order to move up-river and inland to lay eggs. It is a perfect opportunity to catch incredible quantities of them. There are also some species of bottomfish or black rockfish that swirl in hordes around the jagged shorelines and rock formations, and these are mostly aggressive biters.

Florida is of course the most famous fishing state in the country, and with good reason too. Its broken coastline, lagoons and estuaries have turned this place into a fishing heaven of the world. The eastern coast of Florida is perhaps the best place in the world for catching Redfish or Red Drum as they are sometimes called. Fort Lauderdale and the offshore waters near it are legendary for their Tuna, Wahoo and Kingfish. Tarpon, Trout, Snook and many other coveted species wait for you in the waters of Florida, and most of this is at a very short distance from top-notch accommodation and the other great tourist destinations of the state. Another advanced angling activity that you can engage in here is nighttime Swordfishing with artificial lights or under moonlight in the south-eastern Florida waters.

Many other states can boast of excellent fishing opportunities. The big game fish of Hawaii, the gigantic Bluefin Tuna of the New England states (specially Massachusetts), surf-fishing for astounding numbers of Bluefish, Flounder etc. in the waters of North Carolina, are all delightful experiences to be savoured with friends and family. Even the apparently 'dry' land-locked states like Colorado, Wyoming or Nebraska offer fine sweetwater fishing destinations. So try the US before you fly off to that exotic fishing location you heard of in Central Mongolia.