The Right Skin Care Products For Acne Care!

By Marilynn Syrett Published 04/15/2009 | Beauty

Acne is a very serious skin concern and  what is even more complex is caring for acne prone skin. There are a  variety of acne skin care products available in the market that fight  against the root causes of acne and improve the condition. Apart from  this, there are also plenty of resources, online and offline that  guide you on how to care for acne prone skin efficiently. However,  women are still unaware of the right procedures and end up making a  wrong choice of acne skin care products.
  No wonder then if the  products fail to perform and acne refuses to heal. The successful  treatment of acne depends on your choice of skin care products and  how you use them. Here are some simple tips to help you take care of  your acneic skin.
  Clean your skin with a good Cleanser
  Acne  often results and aggravates as a result of accumulated impurities  within the skin pores. Therefore, the first and most important step  in eliminating acne is keeping your skin clean. Also, unclean skin  doesn't respond to any acne care products or acne treatments.
  Make  sure you deep-cleanse your face in the morning and at night with a  mild cleanser and tepid water. A cleanser flushes out all the toxins  and impurities from within the skin pores and prevents acne causing  irritants from residing there. Use a cleanser that suits your skin  type and gently cleans your face without leaving the skin excessively  dry. Look for anti-acneic cleansers!
  iS Clinical Cleansing  complex It is a mild anti-acneic cleanser by Innovative Skincare  that is great for resurfacing and deep cleaning the skin. Though it  is powerful, it can be safely used on sensitive skin and does not  leave the skin dry. It also contains antioxidants to fight against  free radicals.
  Follow up with a Toner or Astringent
  Toners  are especially important for women with acne prone skin. Toners and  astringents work to control the oiliness of the skin by contracting  the skin pores and thus blocking out any acne causing irritants. If  toners make your skin excessively dry, then try shifting to a mild  alcohol-free toner. Also make sure you swipe the skin only once lest  you end up stripping away the natural oils of the skin.
  Obagi  Nu-Derm Toner It contains a unique combination of natural  ingredients and herbs that tones the skin and restores its normal pH  balance. It is comprised of a natural astringent called 'Alum' that  adjusts the pH balance of the skin.
  Don't skip  Moisturizing
  There is a popular misconception among women that  oily skin doesn't require moisturization. However, that's not true.  Oily skin has an excess of oil and not moisture and there is a  difference between the two. Moisturization allows the skin to restore  its balance. In fact, a lack of moisture within the skin cells cause  it to produce more natural oils to keep itself hydrated, thus  promoting oiliness.
  Use a lightweight oil-free moisturizer  that gently hydrates the skin and doesn't make it appear too greasy.
  Kinerase Hydra Boost Intensive Treatment It hydrates the  skin immediately as it contains Kinetin, 25% Hyaluronic Acid and  other moisturizing agents to provide maximum moisturizing from the  inside out for a healthier, younger complexion.
  Effective  Ingredients of Acne Skin Care Products
  The acne skin care  products that you use should work to remove and dry the excessive oil  particles that cause the skin pores to get inflamed and lead to acne.  Therefore, choose products that target the oil production in the  skin. Here are some popular ingredients that are effective against  acne.
  Benzoyl Peroxide
  Benzoyl peroxide introduces  oxygen within the skin pores that kills the P acne, bacteria  responsible for causing acne breakouts. As the bacteria population  reduces, the numbers of acne breakouts on the skin lessen as well. In  addition, benzoyl peroxide removes the dead skin cells from the  follicles and clears the skin pores of cellular debris. This prevents  the pores from getting blocked and further prevents the occurrence of  comedones.
  Salicylic Acid
  Salicylic acid works as an  exfoliant and scrapes off dead skin cells from the skin surface. It  penetrates within the follicles and promotes the shedding of dead  skin cells within. Thus the skin pores remain clean and acne  breakouts and inflammations reduces.
Triclosan  is very effective antibiotic and helps eliminate acne causing  bacteria from the skin cells.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine Of The Pacific. She has a keen interest in studying the use and effectiveness of special skin care products and acne treatments.