By Martha Winslet Published 04/27/2006 | Social Issues

                  Quite often we used to utter the words, Be happy or Dont worry, particularly byway of giving consolation to others. But, did we ever analyze what is the meaning, rather, definition of happiness. Where from does it percolate? How one can be worry free happy? Perhaps the answer is negative.

                  Happiness does not mean smiling or laughing. Laughing may be one of the expressions of happiness but not the other way around. All the individuals making huge mechanical sounds by stretching the corners of the face and unfolding the bright and beautiful white teeth in the laughing clubs are not happy. There may be burgeoning deal of pain arising from breakdowns, overreactions or even depression behind the facade of a smiling face.

                  One must remember not to say I am unhappy. Because unhappiness has nothing to do with ones soul or ones surroundings. This must not be confused. Unhappiness comes from ones thought rather perceive ness of the material facts. Every thing depends on how one deal with the environment or the surrounding situations. Take the instance of a toddler or an infant, how happy he is for nothing or playing alone with himself, because he doesnt care for the surrounding situation either adverse or favorable. He gets the happiness from his innocent thinking. The situations are always neutral whether in case of a child or for an   adult. Thoughts and emotions are primarily responsible for giving birth to unhappiness.

                  In this material world every creature, not alone men, wants to be happy.  But, searching for happiness is another mistake. Seekers never find it, its just like mirage. You can see it virtually but never really. Seeking has some repulsive effect against the happiness.

                  Notwithstanding the aforesaid facts, getting rid of the unhappiness is possible by accepting the situation, rather than by thinking all imaginary things that would have been or will be. All these emotions generated from the imaginary stories, what could have been will create havoc unhappiness but those who can face the situation and act accordingly really enjoys the happiness. Happiness never comes from the surroundings or happenings it is the peace and enjoyment of the soul.

                  Defining happiness very precisely is also not possible. What is happiness to one may not be the same for somebody else. Some one may be happy with very little belongings; on the other hand, another may be unhappy because he could not accumulate more wealth though he may be having more than enough. Thus one definition of happiness may be the inner peace. Whenever inner peace is attained by a soul, it seems to be happy.  The way of achieving the inner peace may be different for different persons, but once it is achieved, in spite of the fact that the process of achieving may not be acceptable to others the achiever is happy.