Treating Rosacea With The Obagi Rosaclear System

By Marilynn Syrett Published 04/22/2009 | Beauty

Rosacea is a common chronic skin  disorder that affects people across the world. Rosacea is facial acne  is characterized by red and pink patches on the skin, visible broken  blood vessels, small red bumps and red cysts. The problem with  rosacea is that people don't realize the seriousness of the  condition. They mistake it for regular acne or sun burns and continue  without any treatments.
  Unlike ascending deterioration of the  skin, Rosacea has periodic ups and downs. The effects of the disease  is most prominent in the center of the face causing persistent  redness and a blushing effect on the forehead, chin and lower half of  the nose. This disease is more common in fair and light skinned  people.
  Causes of Rosacea
  The exact cause of rosacea  is still debatable. While some believe it is because of genetics,  others believe that it is a result of excessive sun exposure. Yet  there is also evidence that it can be caused by Demodex folliculoru,  a mite found in hair follicles.
  Rosacea can flare up because  of a number of reasons:
  Emotional factors like stress, fear and  anxiety, etc.
  Environmental conditions like changes in humidity,  strong winds, etc.
  Sun damage like sun burns, etc.
  Excessive  physical stress
  Excessive alcohol consumption
  Intake of spicy  food
  Fluctuations in blood pressure
  Symptoms of  Rosacea
  The symptoms of acne are not constant. They tend to  come and go. Your skin may be totally clear for weeks and months at a  stretch, and then suddenly the redness may reappear. Rosacea evolves  in various stages and causes inflammations all over the face. The  first time rosacea develops, it may appear than suddenly disappear  before reappearing again. However, the skin may not regain its  original color and skin tone. Some of the most common symptoms of  Rosacea are:
  Redness of cheeks, nose, chin and/or forehead.
  Small visible blood vessels on the face.
  Small red bumps and  pimples on the face.
  Watery eyes that are easily  irritated.
  Treatment of Rosacea
  As of now, there is  no permanent or complete solution for Roascea. However, though it  cannot be cured completely, it can be controlled with efficient skin  care products and treatments.
  Depending on the severity and  extent of the symptoms, there are several treatment choices for  Rosacea such as antibacterial washes, topical creams, antibiotic  pills, lasers, pulsed-light therapies, photodynamic therapy, and  isotretinoin. Mild cases of Rosacea can generally be controlled by at  home antibacterial washes and topical skin care products, while  severe cases may require a combination of skin care products and  complex treatments.
  Obagi Rosaclear System
  Obagi  Medical Products has recently launched its line of specialized skin  treatment solutions. The Obagi Rosaclear System is a special  all-in-one treatment system for Rosacea. It is perhaps the first  system that specifically addresses Rosacea concerns and helps to heal  the same. All the products in the system are formulated to minimize  the visible skin redness and reduce the irritations. Since they are  non-comedogenic, they do not clog the skin pores and produce  exceptionally well results.
  Obagi Rosaclear System contains  3 amazing products
  Gentle Cleanser It is a mild cleanser  that cleans the skin effectively and remove all traces of impurities  like dirt, debris, pollutants,.dead skin cells, make-up residues and  excess oil particles. It contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice that  cleanses the skin without causing excessive dryness and leaves it  silky soft.
  Metronidazole Topical Gel USP, 0.75% It is a  highly concentrated gel treats inflammatory acne-like pimples that is  a common occurrence with Rosacea. It reduces the size of papules and  putsules on the skin surface.
  Hydrating Complexion Corrector  It is an amazing lotion that contains calming agents like aloe  vera and lavender to protect and moisturize the skin along with  special minerals that minimize redness of the skin. It also  stimulates the healing process of the skin.
  The Obagi  Rosaclear System is an all-in-one treatment that offers a plethora of  benefits Rosacea. The system:
  Reduces skin redness and  flushing as well as heals inflammatory papules and  pustules.
  Diminishes the appearance of blotchiness
  Makes the  skin appear clearer, calmer and evens out the complexion
  Provides  gentle care to inflamed skin
  Provides immense skin benefits with  regular use.

Dr. Marilynn Syrett is a graduate from Western University of Health Sciences. She has authored several articles about antiaging skin care products including many from iS Clinical and Obagi range of skin care products.