Interesting Design Ideas for Note Card Printing

By Katie Marcus Published 12/31/1969 | Marketing
Note cards are a good way to send small messages of affection and information to your family and friends. Most of them appreciate the quick but potent impact that most note cards have, especially if it is personally well designed.

However, did you know that there are still great design ideas that you can use for note card printing? Typical note card printing can be good, but it can get boring pretty quick. By adding new and interesting effects to your note cards, you can create nice pieces of note card art that can be especially memorable for your readers.

There are several interesting ideas that you can use for note card printing:

Printing in classic black and white: The most simple, but still very interesting design idea for your personal note card is to print a design in classic black and white. There is a reason why black and white is called classic. It is a design that never really gets “old”. Everyone can still relate to it since it still causes an emotional impact with people. Usually that classic black and white feel denotes a sense of meaning and stillness. It is like an emotion being expressed and captured at the same time.

In terms of your note cards, you can use a nice black and white picture as the centerpiece of your design. By placing a nice meaningful photograph as its centerpiece, you can elicit a nice and intense reaction for the person or persons that you are sending the note card to. You can even increase this impact by using your own custom photographs to further personalize the message.

Metallic inks: Adding that extra glitter to your note card designs is also a good idea for your note cards. By using metallic inks in some of your text, or by integrating a metallic ink into your design elements you give your note cards that extra elegance that can make it special. Some note card printing services can offer metallic inks for note card designs. Some may come in silver while others can come in gold. However, these kinds of inks do not come cheap so be ready for an extra charge to your printing bill if you do avail of this feature.

Theme note cards: Another nice note card design idea is the theme note cards. These note cards use one basic theme to their design. This can be in the form of vintage designs, or classical designs that a lot of people find attractive. In addition, one of the more popular designs nowadays is the theme designs from TV shows, Movies and even Video games. These involve printing images of the leading characters present in those mediums. Since most people can relate to them, people can appreciate the meaning of that theme note card.

Shaped note card: Lastly, some pioneering people try to make their note cards more interesting by changing the shape of their card. For example, for birthday note cards, you can send a cake shaped card. For Valentine’s Day, heart shaped note cards are popular. For more specific greetings, other people print the shape of a person’s hobby like a ball, racket or something similar. Changing a note card’s shape makes it very memorable and quite unique. Even though this may cost a little extra in note card printing, its unique aspect should be well worth the price.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to think about a great idea for your note card printing designs. If you really want to send a message about how you feel about someone, then adding extra details like the ones above are your best choice. They will make your messages more memorable and people will appreciate its personal impact.