Big Profits do not Always Come From Big Investments…Really!

By Katie Marcus Published 12/31/1969 | Business and Finance
Starting a small business does not mean you do not have as much cash. Having much cash or not is not really the main issue if you decide to go for a small business that needs small capital. Well, it may indeed be a factor, but the thing is, if you want to put your efforts in a small business, no one can tell you not to do so just because you do not invest big time.

It is not as if you are opening a newsletter printing company where you need to have bigger capital outlay for the equipment alone. All I am saying is that even with print newsletters, you can always put a small amount of money into it.

Whether it’s not having too much cash, or simply avoiding the hassles brought about by too many differing people working for one big newsletter printing company, the fact remains that you don’t need to invest big just so you can have larger profits. No siree. You can have large ROIs even if you invest small.

‘Big’ therefore is more of a relative and subjective term. It is based on how you define your ‘small’ business. It may be based on numbers, the size, or even the amount of people to be dealt with. A small business may start small but can always bring in success in terms of the profits gained.

How you grow your business is also a subjective matter. It is based on the business model you choose for your newsletter printing company for example. It does not matter how much cash you put in; the bottom line to every business is the profits gained in the long run. You may start small but increase in size in terms of the ROIs you bring in to your business.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that just because you have put small amount money to it its okay for you to be negligent when it comes to running your business. Even if it is a small amount, you need to put in a 100% effort and lots of will power to grow your business. Your profits will not grow on its own, mind you. How much will depend on the effort you put in to your business.

Indeed, even with a small amount of investment, the bottom line is how you handle and how much effort you put in that says a lot where your business will be seen a couple of years from now. It does not matter if you put in a thousand dollars or even $100; what matters is that you put your back into it and work efficiently to achieve what you have set your mind when you started your business.

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