Dog Obedience

By Zaithyn Galter Published 05/12/2009 | Pets and Animals
Being a dog owner can be a source of joy and great companionship. However, your dog needs to be well trained and socialized to cultivate good habits in it.

Therefore, it is vital to obedience instruct your dog. If you are seriously considering obedience training for your dog, it must follow some techniques like house breaking, coming when called, and walking on a leash without pulling.

Obedience training can prevented many problems and can help solve the bad behaviors that exist. Many people think that obedience training is something that is done to a dog to make it perform some artificial activity on command.

Obedience training is to train dogs to be well-trained, to obey anything and everything they are told to do. It covers a wide range of lessons a dog can learn, including tricks, family manners, show ring exercises, service dogs for handicapped owners, and search and rescue dogs.

Dogs all carry their obedience training to the highest level. They have been trained to act upon a strange set of commands that boost their value as helpers to human.

There are basic guidelines that should be followed when training a dog to have manners and discipline. Remember that timing is everything. Coordination of the coach movements and corrections is directly related to the ability of the puppy to comprehend the lesson he is being taught.

Directly related to timing is praise. If when given the command "come" a puppy responds with the correct action and is not praised, he quickly loses enthusiasm and interest. On the other hand, when given plenty of praise and caresses immediately upon correct completion of a given command, he quickly learns that the exercises are fun and beneficial.

Schooling a puppy requires patience and confidence. Puppies know when the trainer is sure of their self and what he is doing. Patience is absolutely not as easily learned, but if not used time after time, impatience will cause fright and lack of assurance in the puppy.

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