Which are the most effective forms of online advertising

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 07/20/2009 | Advertising

Nowadays there is no longer any doubt; online advertising is the most effective form of advertising! But amongst the many forms of advertising it is difficult to choose which form is the best for our specific needs, as well as how we are to go about and implement the different kinds.

First of all we must choose the right form and understand it correctly. Amongst the most popular nowadays are Pop-up Ads, Banner ads, Takeover Ads, Contextual ads, Interstitial Ads and Floating Ads.

Let us go into each one briefly to try and understand its implementation.

We will not actually go into Pop-up ads, for they are no longer effective due to the many pop-up blockers viewers can insert in order to stop irritating pop-ups, so there is no use in investing in those!

Banner ads have been going for some time now; this is a direct form of advertising, for it allows viewers to be linked directly to your website by clicking on your banner hosted by another website. These work well, however you must choose to be hosted by a website relevant to yours, or else there is little sense in this strategy. You can either pay the hosting website according to the amount of time a visitor spends on your website when clicking on your banner, or go for a banner exchange, where both of you have each others banners on your websites.

Takeover Ads are very effective for when viewers visit a website they are confronted with a large ad on the home page, and the ad appears throughout the site, under the form of side bars or banners. The ad is present on all the pages of the website and the viewer has it under eye at all times.

Contextual ads are popular at the moment for they can be targeted on the viewers interests. This form of advertising is used for content-based websites, the advertising system searches the website for keyword phrases and targets content of specific themes.

Interstitial Ads are also a preferred form of advertising, as they contain large graphics, applets or streaming media. These ads appear between the pages of websites requested by viewers and are loaded in the background; this is why you may insert more advertising content.

Finally there are Floating Ads, which in my opinion are probably the most effective for they attract the viewers attention immediately, they are often animated and cannot be ignored for they take up the whole screen, they appear each time you click on a new page and you are obliged to close the window each time. However they can be rather irritating at times!

There are of course other forms of advertising, these are just a few methods that are straightforward and easier to approach and understand.