Alternative methods to online advertising

By Brown Articles Published 06/11/2009 | Advertising

Nowadays online advertising has become a real business, so much so that webmasters will do almost anything to promote their strategies in order for websites to appear first on the list of keyword research. Due to this trend, Internet marketing has become a succession of flashing banners, spectacular videos, irritating pop-ups; you name it, they have thought of everything in order to grab our attention!

Maybe the time has come to back up slightly, for we have become so used to these flashy forms of advertising, that we have actually lost interest in them and no longer pay attention, hence offline advertising may in fact be a more effective form of advertising. After all, not everyone spends endless hours on the Internet; they may in fact enjoy reading tangible material.

Some offline techniques may actually be more effective on the long run than online advertising. Take press releases, for instance, these are very strong tools for advertising as they focus on the service or product you are providing, you can enhance your product and provide information or attractive deals for your future clients. You may also place ads on local newspapers or magazines and of course the good old Yellow Pages! When you do advertise on paper, attract as many clients as possible with discount coupons or sales offers.

How about those pamphlets you can distribute in shopping areas and cafés, remember that people may pocket them there and then, but they will re-surface at home or may be put away just in case one needs that kind of product or service. You may also choose to advertise with CDs in places like teaching establishments or offices, and even organize seminars to promote your product or services. This will grab the attention of your possible customers and will prove your credibility; this cannot be done online, for no one actually sees anyone there! However it is important to include your website address for people to be able to contact you and look into your website you in order to study your products in more depth.

This method will cost you more but is by far the most effective, which is to put your advertisement on television. Television ads accessible to all, even smaller companies so do not be afraid to dare. You may choose between publishing your ad on a relevant channel or publish a time limited commercial, make sure it is for more than five seconds, or people will not stay tuned enough to grab the content of your ad. Radio ads are also an option, as they are less costly, it is however important to choose the correct channel for the audience you are aiming at.

Offline advertising can be just as efficient as online ads, you must however be able to integrate the two methods, with an attractive website customers can relate to.