How to choose the right affiliate program out of three basic ones

By Brown Articles Published 06/18/2009 | Affiliate Programs

If you are uncertain on what affiliate program you should focus on to market your product, then it might be wise to choose from one of the three more basic ones the Internet marketing world has to offer.

There are three fundamental kinds of affiliate programs that you will find available on the net, these are Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale.

Pay Per Click is a type of program that will only work if you have a website with a lot of traffic, or you will not be earning much money from this strategy. With this form of marketing, you place another websites code or banner ad on your own website, and every time one of your viewers visiting your website clicks on the link or banner you are paid. So, as you can tell, you really need to have many viewers for this system to work financially, for you only receive a few cents per click.

To drive traffic towards your website you will need to implement an effective SEO method; basically, the more clicks you obtain the more money you receive.

Pay Per Lead is probably is probably the easiest form of payment, for clients do not actually buy any product or service. What viewers do is sign up in order to receive more information, or else they are led to perform another similar actions, resulting in money for you. There are many forms of Pay Per Lead programs to choose from, but bare in mind that, here as well, the number of viewers is important, so it might be a good idea to adopt AdWord strategy to get a large number of contacts onto your blog or website.

Pay Per Sale is clearly an affiliate program that speaks for itself; you get paid once you sell a product or service. Clearly with these forms of affiliate programs you will receive the highest returns. This is also why they are the most popular forms of Internet marketing. With this type of sale you will have to promote your product or service by giving your potential customers as much information on what you are selling as possible; the more information you give out, the more you will be earning. You can choose to promote your service or product by informing the public through articles or testimonials and even through visual ads, photographs etc. Just make sure your website is not too complicated to access or long in loading, people soon lose patience!

When seeking affiliate programs, first check out how they are working on the market, how long they have been going for, it is useless to choose one that will die out after a few months. So do your research homework properly in order to avoid wasting time!