How Much Money Can I Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

By Michelle L Published 06/20/2009 | Affiliate Programs

This is probably the first question that most people have when they are considering working at home by doing affiliate marketing. You see; the amount of money that the affiliate marketers earn each month varies. Their income from marketing the affiliate products depend on how many sales they manage to make. As you must probably be aware, affiliate programs offer a certain percentage of the sales price of the product to the affiliates. If you get in to affiliate marketing, then you are probably going to get a commission ranging from 20%-75%.

Generally, different programs offer different commission rates. One program may offer $50 commission while another may offer only 30%. Most of the affiliates choose more than one affiliate programs because promoting more than one product is always considered to be lucrative. The more products you promote the more chances you will have of making sales. However, it is always advised that you stick to products in the same niche.

When it comes to making money from affiliate marketing, you should know that you will get paid only when the sellers have made money. You will be the one to promote the products of the sellers and for your hard work; the sellers will reward you with commission. No one can tell you how much money you will be able to make with affiliate marketing because the amount that you make every month may differ. If you are promoting a product that costs $100 and the commission offered to affiliates is 70% then you will earn $70 by selling each product. If you sell twenty products in a week then you will earn $1400 during that week.

To become an affiliate marketer, you will need a domain for your website and you will also need web hosting services. The domain will cost you about $15 each year and the hosting services that you will have to pay each month will be about $10 per month. Choosing the relevant keywords for your website is important and you need to ensure that the content in your website consists of relevant keywords that will help in attracting potential customers to your site.

What you should be aware is that it will not cost you more than $50 each month to start affiliate marketing. I donít think there is another other online business that can be set up with less than this amount. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that the income earned by you will be several times more than your initial investment. Of course, you will need to know how you can go about earning so much money with affiliate marketing. For this reason alone, I would suggest that you look for tips on affiliate marketing so that you will be able to sell the products of the sellers effectively.