How effective is homeopathy as an alternative form of medicine?

By Brown Articles Published 06/26/2009 | Alternative Medicine

What exactly is homeopathic medicine and how does it work?

Homeopathy helps the body cure itself using its homeostatic processes, by using natural remedies that, if taken in larger doses by a healthy person would actually cause symptoms similar to that very ailment. That is to say, if a healthy person were to take large doses of bark extract used for malaria, for example, he or she would actually develop malaria symptoms. So homeopathy works on the principle that when natural remedies are diluted or given in smaller doses, they will cure the treated illness.

Homeopathy is in fact an extremely effective treatment for multiple acute and chronic ailments. It has now been proven both through research and from multiple supportive evidence, that homeopathy can be considered as effective as, if not more so than regular medicine.

This alternative form of medicine has the added advantage of treating the illness directly without generating unpleasant side effects. In recent years numerous reports have given evidence that homeopathy can cure quite a number of clinical conditions as opposed to conventional drugs.

Now, the effectiveness of homeopathy can no longer be ignored by the medical world, for there is substantial proof and thousands of research reports that provide positive results in curing divers illnesses. Still, many doctors do continue to regard homeopathic medicine as mere placebos and have no faith in its effectiveness. Now some of us may also doubt the veracity of some of the regular drugs out there, after all, we all know that the drug market is a real gold mine!

Suffice it to enter a drug store and check the prices on the medicine packages. Contrary to regular medicine, homeopathic medicine is a lot cheaper and what is most interesting is that it has no side effects whatsoever. Children, even babies can take it without fear of dangerous side effects, and best of all, it works wonderfully on children. This is due to the fact that children have built no resistances to any medical products, so treating children with homeopathy will build their natural resistances and cure them rapidly.

Therefore, homeopathy is probably the safest alternative medicine available on the market nowadays. Homeopathy will also reinforce our natural resistance and stimulate our bodies to fight illness and disease more effectively, for homeopathy aims at helping the body heal itself rather than passively in-taking drugs that suppress the symptoms of the illness. This, on the long run will help us achieve a stronger and healthier body and overall health condition.