The secrets of Acupuncture and how it can cure our disorders

By Brown Articles Published 06/26/2009 | Alternative Medicine
So how does acupuncture work exactly? Acupuncture works on the basis of twelve major pathways or meridians. Each of these meridians are connected to a specific organ, be it the liver, lung, pancreas or other, and through acupuncture, what is known as the life force or healing force is directed towards the organs through each selected meridian. Through the painless insertion of hair thin acupuncture needles to each specific areas of the skin, the life force through the path is re-established resulting in a state of well-being. In other terms, through acupuncture the blood flow increases, stimulating our bodys natural pain-modulating hormones, called endorphins, thus providing this sensation of well-being. Acupuncture can cure a number of dermatological disorders, such as eczema, acne as well as headaches, migraine, sciatica, back pain, neuralgia and arthritis to name a few. It can also be effective for mental and emotional conditions or reproductive and the genito-urinary system. Although Western specialists have criticized acupuncture regularly, this ancient Chinese art of healing has proved to be very effective. To the Western, more clinical approach, this form of Qi or life energy treatment is unrealistic. Acupuncture in fact, works on the basis of re-establishing the balance between the yin and yang of the body, in order to regain a healthy condition. The meridians mentioned above, must be free of encumbrance and the life energy should be allowed to flow freely throughout the body. At times, in certain body parts the Qi is deficient or excessive leading to a stagnant condition of the body. What acupuncture does, is it either replenishes this deficiency or drains the excess energy out of the body, allowing a free flow throughout the body. This frees the channels of the meridians and re-establishes the flow of energy our body needs in order to function correctly. As much as Western doctors criticize this oriental form of alternative treatment, the effectiveness of acupuncture can no longer be denied. Years of practice, have established its well-earned position in the medical world, and many conditions and illnesses can be cured with acupuncture, without side effects or drug taking. This form of alternative therapy will improve our overall health and keep our natural state unvaried. Unfortunately, the Western medical world is deeply rooted to classical and passive drug taking, which often only alleviates the symptoms, but does not in fact cure the cause.