What is aromatherapy and how can it help our well-being?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 06/26/2009 | Alternative Medicine

Essentially aromatherapy is the healing of the body by using volatile plant oils, which include essential oils; this method will help recover both physical conditions as well as psychological ones.

Essential oils extracted from the essence of the plant, have since ages, been a favorite method for curing various types of ailments. When properly applied or used, these essential oils, can provide both physical and psychological relief.

Aromatherapy uses a wide span of different essential oils, which number up to ninety different types, classified as hydrosols, absolutes and CO2s. Together with these essential oils, frequently a combination of natural ingredients is also used in naturopathy. These elements include clays, muds, sea salts, milk powders, cold pressed vegetable oils, jojoba and herbs. Blended with the essential oils, they provide an overall relief from various disturbing conditions as well as an overall well-being.

Many of us often get confused with the term fragrance oils and essential oils; these in fact are two completely different products. Fragrance oils are similar to perfumes and contain synthetic chemical elements, and have by no means any therapeutic benefits, as do essential oils. When buying products such as essential oils for beneficial purposes, you must be on guard, for there are so many products on the market that are labelled as aroma-therapeutic, when in fact what they really contain, are unnatural ingredients. It is thus important to check the ingredients carefully to determine whether these products contain strictly natural or essential oils, or also include synthetic elements that have no therapeutic properties whatsoever.

Another form of aromatherapy is the inhaling of essential oils, which provides both psychological and physical benefits. The essential oils taken under this form stimulate the brain and decongest our respiratory system. However, this treatment must be applied correctly for essential oils can give rise to disorders if not used properly.

Generally, however these essential oils are applied directly to the skin and are absorbed by our bloodstream, in this way they will help cure any particular ailment, according to the type of essential oil used.

Essential oils can also be used for other household applications, such as insect repellents or natural laundry cleaning, as well as being diffused into the atmosphere to improve our mood and general sense of well-being.

Although, you can use aromatherapy at home, if you do need more serious attention, due to specific health problems, an aromatherapy specialist will help you treat these disorders with the blending of specific essential oils, known as essential oil synergy, which will have a more effective action on a variety of disorders, with the added advantage of being a natural approach to the problem.