How to Convince Your Prospect to Join

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/7/2006 | Home Based Business

The main problem in convincing your prospect to join your down line is the unhealthy reputation that MLM gained in some quarters during the first few years of network marketing. And not all of it was wholly undeserved, either. All businesses attract their share of tricksters who will coax and cajole the gullible into investing large amounts, and then make themselves rare. MLM or network marketing was no exception to this. The lure of something gained for nothing through a new business technology enticed thousands of people to fall into the honey-traps that con-men prepared for them. And with disillusionment came disrepute. Be advised that this is what you shall still be up against in most cases when trying to recruit new prospects.

The main thing, then, is to be accurate, sincere and responsible. Do not underestimate the common sense of common people. More often than not they know exactly what you're thinking or trying to do. If you try to bluff them into joining with false yet golden promises, you may be able to net a few simpletons, but you shall lose a vast majority of genuine prospects who shall see through your ruses in a minute or two. So when trying to convince people to join, it is not enough to act sincere you really have to be sincere, and give them only what you yourself truly know or believe.

Humility is the key to success in getting them interested. If you act like you're giving them the chance of a lifetime and they'd be fools to let it go, then most will conclude you're a jerk and they want to have nothing to do with you. You'll be surprised how many positive responses you'll get if you try a little humility. Do not appear to be the possessor of some mystic superior knowledge that mere mortals like your prospects can't hope to understand. Rather, speak with them on a level and ask them whether they think they can help you in this interesting little business strategy that you're looking into recently. It works most of the time.

One mistake new entrants in MLM make is to lose their sense of proportion. It is understandable and even desirable to be crazy about your work. You are actually supposed to work round the clock and make your work your life if you want to see the kind of handsome profit you have imagined for your future. Sleep and dream your job, and devote all your conscious thought to the working out of new recruiting strategies. But remember you sorely need a sense of when not to speak about it. Close friends and family are off-bounds most of the time. If all you can give them is your new sales pitch, they'll be bored and begin to avoid you in no time. People work because they want to enjoy their earnings. If you have no one to enjoy it with, you could as well leave work and retire on dole.

This is not to say that you can't recruit friends. Of course you can, and many of them will probably thank you later for it. But give yourself the much needed sense of when to say what. If you can do that, you'll begin to see fewer desertions and more recruitment.