Fashion, the art of frivolity and flounce, yet a form of art nonetheless

By Brown Articles Published 07/2/2009 | Arts and Culture

Although many consider fashion as a field of frivolity and flouncing material, fashion is also considered as a form of art. The fashion trend is moving towards new and innovative horizons, and is greatly influenced by fine art, for there is a distinct trend towards the fusion between fashion and art.

Fashion, such as art has evolved with the different epochs and trends, it is probably the closest form of art we identify with, after all helps emphasizes our being as well as marking the times we live in. Unfortunately fashion, seems to be stuck with this label of frivolity, leaving one to think that this form of art is empty and of little intellectual value. However this is far from true, for fashion is deeply integrated in our different cultures and history and has forever been used as a form of aesthetics as well as practicality.

Fashion inspires our beings, our dreams, and our aspirations. What we wear reflects our individual character or the kind of person we wish others to see. It is a cultural and social statement achieved with the use of different textiles and colors. This is why many fashion designers play with their imagination, producing real masterpieces for us to wear, with fine fabrics and materials.

Just think of such garments made by artists such as Dior, Norell or Galliano, that delight us with such beautiful examples of embroidery and sheaths, which are artistic masterpieces. Fashion is in fact a complete form of art, for we can see, feel and interact with fabric, it is at once aesthetic and palpable, a form of art we can co-exist with.

Fashion is also the renewal of the seasons and ages; the season changes and new styles, colors; fabrics emerge, as well as different accessories to compliment the garments. In fashion, accessories can be quite amazing pieces of art, such as handbags embellished with gold chains or rhinestones, which leave space to the different fashion designers imaginations.

Quite a few fashion designers are now actually creating a more distinct fusion between fashion and art, proposing their latest collections in an art-gallery setting, with a backdrop of colorful sketches or paintings, which serve as a stage set to their womens wear line. This setting brings together the classic form of art, such as paintings; sketches or even architectural pieces with the art of creating garments from different colored fabrics. We can say that one form of art enhances the other, creating a mesmerizing effect, which renders justice to fashion as a form of art.