How Art, in its various forms can help us heal without medicine

By Brown Articles Published 07/2/2009 | Arts and Culture
It has become more and more certain that art has a positive influence on our overall health as well as being an effective way to heal our physical and mental disorders. Art is intended by poetry, music, dance, painting, sculpting and other forms of visual art. Any one of these forms of art is a form of expression and outlet for each individual that takes interest and performs them. Art has a definite beneficial effect on our troubles, be they physical or psychological. While expressing ourselves through art we free the bodys mechanisms to heal, for art unites the spirit, mind and body. The actual process of creation is the healing agent, which will help us recover or heal from our various disorders. Through any one form of art we are liberating our stress and worries we accumulate during the day, we are finally able to express something personal, in a free and indiscriminate fashion, we no longer need to control our thoughts and actions. Any form of creative process can help heal troubles and disorders. This form of art can be passive or active; in other words, we can visualize art, such as watching a play, listening to music or attending a painting exhibition, or else we can create art, by painting, sculpting or playing music. If you engage in any form of art, this will help you manage stress and help you reduce negative states of mind, which in turn may even reduce cardiovascular disorders or even prevent cancer. Remember, you do not have to be an artist to discover the world of art, that is not the issue; what is important is that you find a form of art that appeases and satisfies your sense of beauty, as well as alleviating any painful worries in your life. Studies have in fact revealed, that most serious illnesses develop after strong emotional traumas occurring within twelve months before the diagnosis. It is therefore important to evacuate any form of stress that may lead to disorders or illnesses. Through art you may express yourself and release all those stress-producing emotions and transform them into positive healing states of mind, thus teaching your body to heal itself, by overcoming fears and solving inner conflicts. Some experts have actually named this form of therapy as the medicine of the future, a therapy that will improve the functioning of our immune system, relieve pain and alleviate depression.