10 Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/3/2009 | Beauty
Long curly hair is in vogue this season.  But curly hair is sometimes quite dry and therefore requires a lot of maintenance.  Here are some quick curly hair care tips which will help you to have healthy and well maintained hair:

1.    It is always advisable to use a moisturizing shampoo that will properly nourish your hair.  This will cleanse your hair and, at the same time, help it retain its moisture.  Gentle shampoos contain mild cleansers and they do not make your hair frizzy or uncooperative.  While washing your hair, do not scrub it vigorously.  Allow your hair to breathe.

2.     Always have your hair maintained by a professional from a beauty salon.  This will help prevent most forms of damage to your hair and curtail split ends.

3.    Do not excessively brush long curly or natural hair.  Instead, use a wide toothed comb when you work with your wet or dry hair.  If your hair is wet, you may try to untangle it with your fingers.  But, if that process becomes difficult, apply an appropriate amount of conditioner to your hair after shampooing.

4.    Conditioners for curly hair are available in todays market.  These conditioners are specifically formulated for curly hair and they may be easily applied to wet hair.  While showering, apply a conditioner to your wet hair and properly comb it so that the conditioner is evenly distributed throughout your hair.  Keep the conditioner in your hair for five to ten minutes.  This amount of time will allow your hair to obtain extra moisture.  

5.    After using the conditioner, rinse your hair thoroughly with either cool or cold water.  Do not use hot water because it may create frizz in your curly hair.  Washing with cold water will also add extra shine to your hair.  Please remove all traces of the conditioner.  Remember, the use of conditioners will depend solely on how dry you judge your hair to be.  But, conditioners may be used once or twice a week or even every day as a leave in process to make natural hair more manageable.

6.    Choose an appropriate hair dressing or hair butter to use and properly apply it to your hair.  Then take some mousse or gel and apply it evenly to your hair.  (Only use good quality mousse or gel designed specifically for curly hair.)  These products will decrease the development of frizz, hold your hair and give it proper definition.

7.    Dry your hair with a cotton towel or a cotton tee shirt.  Paper towels and micro fibre towels may also be used but do not use a terry cloth towel.  Terry cloth towels will make your hair frizzy.  After drying your hair, you may finger shape your curls then wait for your hair to dry so that your hair can permanently assume the shape you desired.

8.    As often as possible, allow your hair to air dry instead of using tools like a hair dryer.  Hair dryers may damage your hair and create hair breakage problems.

9.    Do not use hair products which contain harmful ingredients such as silicones, and heavy alcohols.

10.    Always choose a hairstyle which is easy to maintain and do regular treatment to maintain your hair.

Curly hairs can be easily maintained after following these wonderful tips.


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