MLM: Effective Business or Just Get-Rich Hype?

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/7/2006 | Home Based Business

It can be both. It depends on whom you ask, and on your point of view. It can be a false dream that some confidence trickster uses to rob you of your money. It can also be your opportunity of a lifetime, your gateway to wealth and a comfortable future. It will be what you make of it.

Like many other novel business technologies, MLM or network marketing has attracted its share of con-men since the very day of its inception. Many opportunists have tricked thousands of gullible people into investing heavily, and then disappeared into thin air. This has created a bad reputation for this line of work, and you have to fight an uphill battle against this to establish your business as a profit-making concern.

As you may realize, MLM is not so much about selling the actual product as it is about creating lively down lines. That's where the money is. And that's where you have to face the greatest resistance. People have developed an understandable apathy towards anyone who approaches them with a promise of wealth and prosperity. They are immediately suspicious of them. You have to allay their fears and misgivings in order to get their confidence and convince them to join your down line. This isn't easy.

What's your motive behind? Some people leave their regular desk-bound jobs and join MLM because they think they'll be making easy money. Nothing could be far from the truth. If you want to get rich quickly and without much effort, you're in the wrong place. If you have fallen for the get-rich hype that cunning plotters spread, you'll soon want to get back to your nice peaceful desk job.

MLM can be an extremely effective line of business, but it is not for people who can't work without someone to threaten them with unpleasant consequences and to whip them up into action. If you're the type who'd rather while away their free time lolling on the sofa watching TV or maybe doing nothing at all, then MLM isn't for you. The get-rich hype cannot prepare you for the kind of effort you'll have to put in here.

Effective network marketers didn't get an easy break; they had to claw their way up putting in twice or thrice the amount of work that an average desk-bound worker has to do per week. If you are the hard-working type, and you have left your regular job to come into MLM because you don't like anyone bossing it over you, you'll be surprised to find how much tougher you are to yourself than the boss in your office. Rewards are better than punishments at making people work, the promise of making money is a stronger motivator than the threat of losing your job.

So come into MLM, by all means. But ignore the hype and forget about getting something for nothing. It's a regular and honest line of business like any other, and like in those here too you get rewarded according to how much you work. It's no short cut to health and wealth. And remember that when you're trying to convince other people to join it. Be honest and sincere to them. Cut out the hype and give them the real picture. Those who then walk away were never fit for this line of work in the first place.