10 Tips For Safe And Easy Apartment Moving

By Zaithyn Galter Published 07/4/2009 | Real Estate
Moving into Kansas City apartments can be a cumbersome process involving a lot of

packing and unpacking. It might even mean to part away with old valuables. But the icing on

the cake is that there are hosts of organizations in Kansas City that make this awfully tiring

act into a smooth one without a hitch. With proper planning and by taking the help of moving

companies, it is possible to keep better track of your possessions, and make the entire

process of relocation go smooth.

Here are some points to follow that ensure a safe and easy relocation:

Every valuable item should be kept under the surveillance of the owner during the shift of

Collect the moving supplies such as markers, boxes, tape and other packing materials and

pack up the possessions. It is important to label each box with a description of what is inside

for easy identification. It saves time and energy of searching later on.
To avoid scratches, scrapes or bruises, the furniture should be padded well before they are

moved. Loose pads can invite unwanted mishaps and can cause severe damage to the

movers or to the furniture piece.
Since every household has different furniture pieces of great emotional or economical

attachments, for instance, antiques, pianos, fine furnishings, bedroom suites, artwork,

statuary, vases, china, special glassware, crystal, paintings, wall coverings, etc. such

valuables should be specially packed in order to prevent being damaged during the

relocation process. They should be packed in boxes or wrapped snugly in a blanket and

then lifted carefully to the truck to be moved to the new residence. Few things can be

packed into a wooden crate in order to be moved safely. Some extremely large and heavy

items like pianos or bedroom suites might even need to be hoisted.
All possessions should be transported into the new apartment. Valuable and costly goods

like stereos or television sets should not be left alone in plain sight. Such items should be

moved quickly, or should be hided to avoid the attention of thieves.
It is imperative to transfer the service of all the utility items like telephone and satellite cable

to avoid the risk of burglary.
Smoke detectors should be tested to make out if they are working in a proper way. If the

family plans for a vacation the neighbors should be informed beforehand as they can keep

an eye on the apartment in the absence of the owner.
Cleaning of the old apartment, vacuuming, and filling out holes in the walls will help you to

get back the hefty security deposit from the landlord.
All the keys should be collected together and handed over to the landlord. It is important to

change the locks of the new apartment immediately after the owner moves into the new

A trustworthy and reliable moving company can better shoulder the responsibility of

relocation. A bit of homework that involves the background check of the company,

authentication, insurance proof, and the policy of the company in case of broken or lost

items should be thoroughly checked while opting for a particular moving company.
With several providers available in Kansas City, which help to move the entire valuables of

your home to the new address within two weeks, moving into a new home has become

easy. All one needs to do is to inform them of the move-in date at the new location.


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