MLM Moms: Todays New Working Women

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/7/2006 | Home Based Business

Many women have had to compromise with their careers due varied reasons. The most common of them has been motherhood. You might have been a very successful employee in the corporate sector but once you became a mother you chose to stay at home and take care of your kid. This meant that not only you lost your career, but your family also loses out on your income. And if your salary was a significant portion of your familys earnings then you giving up your regular job can prove very difficult for your familys finances. But seldom were you left with any alternative.

But things have changed with the introduction of multi-level marketing.  Such a business allows you the opportunity to have a career on your own terms. You can be the caring mother which you so want to be, and yet earn those bucks for your family. And you also are able to maintain an identity. You are no longer just a mom, but you are a working mom.

There are several key advantages that MLM offers you, which makes it a viable career for you if you plan to be by your childs side twenty four hours a day, every day of the week.

  • Multi-level marketing allows you to stay at home and work from there. All you need are the general communication devices of the day, like the PC with an Internet connection, a phone and a fax. With these methods of communication at your disposal, you can be with your kid whenever you want to be, and yet you will be running a business in full swing. You dont have to worry about what clothes you are wearing or how your office is looking, or if you have your kid on your lap. Whatever suits you, suits for your business. It is all about your convenience.
  • And your convenience is not just about being at home all the time. Multi-level marketing allows you to select the time you work. You can distribute your work hours throughout the day at definite interval, or you might just choose to work only in the night. It is up to you. You can ask your prospects to leave a message behind and you can always get back to them.
  • Compared to most other businesses MLM needs a very minimal set-up cost which should vary from anything from 200 to 300. This is lot less expensive than starting any other business, as the very minimum things you would need to start another business would involve getting the stationery, from your business card to your envelope, which can run up a significant bill. There are no such worries with MLM.
  • When you are working with the best companies in the business, much of your worries will be taken care of by these bigger companies. They will be there to train you so that you do good business. They will also be there anytime you need there help. In fact, they will show special interest in your work, since the better you do, the better it is for them.

However if you are thinking of leaving your regular job and starting an MLM business, it would be better if you plan ahead. If you have the time to continue with your regular job, then we would suggest you to start your MLM business alongside. Even if you are able to devote only an hour to this venture it will stand you in good stead once you take this up as your sole career.