MLM: Skills for Success

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/7/2006 | Home Based Business

When you are into MLM business, you have two options in the way you go about it. The first option you have is to go about selling your products online. The other is the more traditional way of doing directly to your consumers or calling them up and trying to convince. Each of these options requires different skill sets in a person for him to be successful.

Online MLM business

There are three basic skills that you need to be successful in an online MLM business.

Being Internet Savvy

To set the record straight at the outset, you dont need to be a techie to be internet savvy. It is not expected of you to be conversant with programming languages. All you need to know are things that would directly affect your business. Key to good business would be the search engine optimization of your site. You should try and read up the available literature about this, which is readily accessible, and create the meta tags for your website in such a way that you draw the most number of targeted visitors to your site. It would be helpful if you have a basic understanding of the HTML as it might come in handy. Though you need not know it in detail. Of course it is taken for granted that you will be able to check your emails and reply to them.

Following up on leads

You should have the skill and tenacity to follow up your leads as it wouldnt normally the case that a consumer would accept an offer on the very first mail. You have to mail him repeatedly and in each mail you try and offer him something more. This requires skill as you would be talking about the same product over and over again, and still not makes your prospective client add you to his spam list. You need real convincing power to pull this off.

Educate your consumer

Put up articles on your website which will provide information to your prospective customers about the different products. This would generate a lot of traffic to your website and some of the visitors can be converted to consumers. With complete knowledge about the product, they too might be keener about opting for one of your products. However remember to keep your articles ad free. That is a place where you are educating, not selling.

Offline MLM Business

For an offline MLM business you have to have great interpersonal skills and excellent communicative skills. You would often be dealing with people whom you dont know at all. Tying to convince them over the telephone would need considerable persuasive powers.

Any prior sales experience is always a positive as you would have some sort of a network already established. You also would have a working knowledge as to how consumers react to a person whos trying to sell him something. Thus they would adapt to the MLM business quicker.

The ability to work with and motivate your down line is also crucial. This requires a lot of man-management skills.