Motivating Down line: Involve and Interact

By Charles Hopkins Published 05/7/2006 | Home Based Business

Critical to any successful networking business is the performance of the down line. Most multi-level marketing business doesnt make much of an impact due to the failure on parts of individuals to motivate their down lines and get the best out of them.

If you are really keen on making it big in the networking business your main area of thrust should be your down line. They are the ones who will get business for you. So keep them happy. And keep them motivated.

To motivate a person all you got to do is address his needs. Now these needs can be broadly classified into two sub categories physiological and psychological needs along with the need for security and also social needs. In case of a MLM business the basic needs of income and security are taken care of by the structure of the business only. Here there is no question of non-equity in terms of effort and rewards. So the area you really need to concentrate on is the individuals social needs the need for recognition, the need for being appreciated. There are ways in which you can satisfy these needs and motivate your down line.

Start a Newsletter

This is a great way to stay in touch with your group. A weekly newsletter would make your members feel to be a part of the team. Provide a few basic tips. This would show you care. You can also ask the other members to contribute. Not only does that make the newsletter more interactive, but also develops a sense of camaraderie. Within your newsletter you can start recognizing the performer for the week. May be you can allot points for the winner. And the person with most points at the end of the year should be winner of a prize. This would increase healthy competition among the members of your down line thus ensuring better business.

Begin a Newsgroup

Most of the major websites like Google, Yahoo and MSN allow you to set up free newsgroups. Starting one such newsgroup for your company could reap rich rewards. Use this as a platform where any individual can interact with any other individual in the down line. This would facilitate exchange of ideas. People will have a platform to share there problems and would also be able to find answers. Such an initiative again helps to bind the group more strongly.

Write a Blog

You can use a blog as complementary to your newsletter. Here you can be more regular than just a week. You can also post the previous issues of your newsletters here for the ready reference of the members in your down line. You should also encourage other members in the down line to start their own individual blogs.

Arrange Contests

For any team, contest work as a great motivational tool. You should work out contests for the members of your down line. This will help them to keep their focus on their work. Of course there has to be a prize at the end for the winner. But more importantly in a healthy competitive atmosphere you will do more business.

These are just a few ways in which you can keep your down line focused and motivated. You can even think about arranging conference calls, setting up forums and other such programs. Anything that boosts the morale of your down line, and helps them to achieve their targets is welcome.