Hybrid cars, the vehicles of the future are now within reach

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 07/9/2009 | Auto and Trucks

Most of us are familiar with the advantages of hybrid cars that combine the power of electricity and gas in the engine. Still it is amazing how much reticence there is to the actual purchase of one of these vehicles. Yet everyone knows they do not pollute as much as traditional cars do as well as having other advantages, such as lower consumption expenses and tax benefits.

Nowadays hybrid technology is so sophisticated it, that the performance of a hybrid car is paralleled to that of a traditional one, if not better. Hybrid vehicles are no longer limited in engine power or the time they can driven for, as was so in the past. The batteries of these vehicles no longer depend on external recharging stations; the battery unit actually recharges itself, which allows you for hours of driving, if necessary.

Behind the wheel of one of these reliable and comfortable cars, you will be sure to help the environment and your mileage expense, as well as keeping the fossil fuel prices at rein. The decrease in demand for gas automatically results in the lowering of prices.

Another advantage for your purse, are the tax benefits, for all states offer incentives to those who purchase a hybrid vehicle. The government allows all those purchasing hybrid cars to benefit from reductions and tax credits and in some states there is an additional Federal exemption.

The principal of a hybrid vehicle is that it works with a combination of electric power and gas power, depending on the circumstances the vehicle is used in. When you turn your ignition key, the car is powered by electricity, as well as in low speed condition. Only when the speed is increased will the engine use gas instead of electricity, thus allowing for a considerable decrease in the consumption of fuel and tail pipe emission.

But this is not all! The hybrid vehicles are manufactured with lighter materials, smoother tyres and are designed for an aerodynamic optimisation. The braking system is actually used to regenerate the battery, which no longer needs to be recharged externally, that is to say, every time you put on your brakes, you are actually recharging the cars engine battery. It is amazing what technology can do, and technicians are still working on hybrid vehicles in order to increase their advantages, so who know what the future will have in store for us!