Why this is the right time to purchase a new car

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 07/9/2009 | Auto and Trucks

This is definitely the best moment to buy new cars, what with the fall in consumer expenditure and subsequent car sales, the increase in fuel prices and the recession; this makes it an ideal period for car purchasing.

The car industry has suffered a bad shock in the past year and things are not looking better, subsequently car prices have plummeted and car dealers are offering exceptional deals for all those interested in the purchase of a new car. The car stocks are saturated and the demand is low, hence the prices have decreased drastically.

So, having taken all these elements into consideration, one can definitely affirm, that this is the time to buy a car. Buying incentives have never been as good as now, for car dealers are desperately trying to reduce their car stock, you will be benefiting of the biggest incentives cars have known for years. On the other hand you will have a harder time looking for mortgages to buy your new car, for financing companies have also been hit by the crisis and are tightening up on loans, although it is not impossible to find one.

Another advantage, which is by no means negligible, is the customer incentives that ensure the warranty of parts and servicing. Car dealers are offering a long-term commitment to all those who are interested in buying new cars, this will be a guarantee for you and your car in the years to come, even if your model is no longer on the market in a few years time.

With the threat of hundreds of car dealers closing down throughout this year, the competition is at its peak; car dealers are savagely competing to keep afloat, thus resulting in unprecedented prices and the best market conditions for the purchase of new cars.

With all these discounts and incentives, it would really be a shame to let these deals slip from our hands. If you are planning to buy a car, now is the time to go for a new one! Incredibly, you will probably be paying a new car, what you would have spent for a used car a year ago.

This period will not last forever, so if you can afford it, it is wise to take advantage of the offers out there, you might even be able to sell your car at the same price you bought it, in a few years time, when the market picks up its pace once more. That would really be the best deal ever.