By Charles Hopkins Published 05/7/2006 | Gardening

Remember Stephen Kings Lawnmower Man? While we arent suggesting that you go to such lengths to mow your lawn, most of you would agree that mowing the lawn is the first step to maintaining it. And to mow the lawn well, you need a decent lawn mower. Ergo, we talk about how to buy a lawn mower in this article.

As a general rule, a good quality lawn mower should trim the grass, not tear it, and it is important that you understand this vital difference. So when you buy a lawn mower, think about the terrain you will use it on. If your landscape is a slope, you will obviously need a different lawn mower from someone whose landscape is flat. Also avoid buying a lawn mower that seems to difficult to maintain. After all, you cant run for professional help every time something in the lawn mower needs fixing.

So, as we were saying, if your lawn is the sloping type, you will need to buy a lawn mower with high wheels. This is pure physics, because a lawn mower with high wheels is easier to push up a hill and vice versa. The other kind of lawn mower is a cordless or mulching lawn mower. These mulching mowers are less untidy and mulch the lawn instead of trimming it. Yet another type of lawn mower is known as the reel lawn mower. These lawn mowers are eco-friendly in that they do not contribute to noise pollution, and are also easy to use.

The type of landscape dictates the purchase of lawn mower, as we said, but you should also take into account the maintenance aspect. If you can keep it up, a routine maintenance program will help your mower go on for a long time and also enhance performance. So at least twice a year, disassemble the different parts of your lawn mower and clean or repair them thoroughly. Periodically, replace the spark plugs and tighten the nuts and bolts where required.

Your maintenance program should also involve inspection of the oil and air filters. As with spark plugs, the air filters should be cleaned and replaced regularly. However, before removing the filter to replace, make sure you know whether it is made of paper or foam. Also, the oil in your lawn mower is absolutely vital because it runs the engine, so make sure you know what type and amount of oil your lawn mower needs.

However, in order to do that, you must buy a lawn mower that you are comfortable with. A highly advanced model may perform superbly the first season, but it may be so technically complicated that you are afraid to touch it even for cleaning! So make sure you dont go over the top when you buy a lawn mower.

Where to buy a lawn mower is the next logical query. Well, the Internet is a good place to look, but make sure you also approach your local hardware store or garden supplies center for proper guidance on the right lawn mower for you.