Start your blog right now and begin earning!

By Brown Articles Published 07/23/2009 | Blogs

Now the first step is take that step right now! Do not be intimidated by your lack of computer marketing skills, this should not stop you from launching headfirst into contributing on the Internet. Blogs are the easiest way to communicate and let loose your message online; there are now millions available worldwide.

So what does blog stand for? It is actually short for web log, as at the start blogs were simple journals with comments and links to other web pages. Blogs are friendly and funny, therefore attract more viewers who are able to relate to these, and share there opinions, it is a socializing medium, an interactive form of communication, this is why they are so popular.

There is absolutely no difficulty whatsoever in starting your own blog, there are numerous free websites that offer blog services for you to start on, the registration procedure takes up a mere ten minutes to initiate and set off. Here are some blog sites available;, or, in no time you will be starting your own interactive blog and its as easy as it sounds!

Now you should proceed by steps; first register a distinctive name for your blog, as this will attract viewers attention immediately. Then choose a domain name, it is important to use the same name for your blog and domain name; this is more SEO friendly when people are searching through google or other search engines. You can buy one on a yearly basis or get free ones, just search the net for these.

The next step is choosing whether you want to create your own free hosted blog site with a monthly server, free of charge, which allows you to post any google ads or banners or set up a free account on blogspot, blogger or wordpress and send your domain name to your blogging address, though this will limit your income from your blog.

You can then go ahead and start building and creating your blog, it is also important you allow video feeds and rss feeds to be updated daily, this will render your blog more active and newsworthy and will be effective as an advertising source to your blog.

Nowadays the software generated to create blogs has developed incredibly, making it easily accessible for all to publish on the web and update without having any specific technical knowledge on the subject.

With a bit of research work on the various websites that offer blogging services, you will find the perfect and easy medium in which to publish and earn through advertising on the Internet. Just make sure you keep it live and current as well as dynamic, for viewers love to communicate and keep up-to-date with the latest issues.