The power of blogging and its effectiveness

By Brown Articles Published 07/23/2009 | Blogs

By now everyone knows how easy and quick it is to create your own blog platform. You no longer need to spend time in the design and conception of your blog, you can just choose your theme or template and simply add content. However it is important you do not neglect the impact one theme or template can have as opposed to another. A well-designed blog has an immediate positive or negative effect on viewers.

Once you have created your blog you will have to keep it up-to-date, make sure your theme is still effective and is still meeting the needs of your viewers. Search regularly for additional updates or tweaks that will help your blog remain popular, keep evaluating your content, the blog must be an active one.

Look at your blog and ask yourself whether its search engine friendly, you really need a good foundation as a starting point for your blog. If your content is poor in keywords, people will not find you when searching your theme topic.

You might consider sidebars for your blog, they can be useful for quick search on multi-paged blogs and you must try and improve their effectiveness, for they are often neglected in the conception of blogs. Try and enhance your sidebar, improve it, make it visual-friendly, this is where people will be searching the pages they are interested in, so do not make it boring or out of date!

Then comes the main bulk of your blog, the content. Sit back and imagine your regular reader, he or she will probably just scan the page and will not read it word for word, this is why you should make it as interesting and to the point right from your first paragraph and keep these short! Also make it clear and readable by using dark characters on a lighter background and divide your text in paragraphs, give it subtitles in bolder characters for more impact, basically make it interesting and easy to look at.

        It is also important to include a list of links to your other best content in your blog or other popular posts, this will give new viewers the chance to judge the type of overall content they will find throughout the rest of the blog and will help them decide whether or not to subscribe. This has the added advantage of sending more traffic to your other posts.

The design is also very important; of course everyone has different opinions and different tastes, so this is not always an easy task. The best way to gauge the effect on styles and designs is to take a look at the others. Evaluate your colour scheme; although this is also personal it is a known fact that certain colours generally have an impact on our state of mind, so depending on what you want to transmit to the viewer go for that colour.

        Remember that if viewers have to wait too long for your page to load, they just will not bother to wait. Ads can also be a pain in the neck and is another reason your viewers will not stay to get a better view.

        Attractive, to the point communication is what you are aiming at, and do not neglect the interactive part of your blog, invite people to leave their comments, this will also generate more traffic and activity.