How to create a Travel blog and make them exciting.

By Brown Articles Published 07/23/2009 | Blogs

Travel blogs are great fun, both for those who create them and for those who are viewing them. Travelling is in itself already active; this renders travel blogs interesting and always new, for personal experience in different sites of the world is highly effective for getting information across.

        A travel blog is in fact a collection of journals, photos and diaries from all over the world; it is a means for viewers to travel in the Internet sphere, without actually leaving home. There is also so much to write about and so many sites and adventures to give your opinion on, this is why travel writing is so popular.

        If you do decide to create your own travel blog then start by making it readable for the viewers! This is really fundamental, for readers will often just quickly browse your blog, and if it has no impact they will go on to another. Make it simple to view do not overdo your custom blog, it may be easier and more effective to use pre-established templates, after all, all viewers want is to read about your travels!

        Do not include your itinerary, it really is boring for those who were not with you, viewers will just skip these, so dont waste your time! People want to know what if felt like, what you saw and what food is best in that country. On the other hand, pictures of yourself are great, these help viewers realize you are actually doing what you say you are, and they can also imagine it possible for them. Pictures are extremely important to keep your blog active and attention grabbing.

        It is also important to give your opinion, whether it is negative or not, as long as you do not overtly criticize the locals, there is nothing wrong with giving an objective opinion on the local food or lacking tourist facilities.


        Details are just as important, if not more so than the general information you may provide on a tourist site. Its the detail that makes the difference, after all viewers can find all the information they need on the various city websites, what they need is the elements and hints that only a direct experience can provide. These personal tips will plunge the reader into your adventure, rendering the travel experience unique and exciting.

        Your readers should feel as if they are actually there with you, experiencing what you are, seeing what you are seeing. If you have achieved this effect, your travel blog will be sensational!