How blogging can be an advantage for children.

By Brown Articles Published 07/23/2009 | Blogs

Where most parents tend to have negative opinions on the Internet and blogs, I say that blogging can in fact have a positive effect on children.

        Blogging can draw out those children who do not show much interest for writing and schoolwork in general. Blogging is a means that can be used to help them develop the writer in each child, for it is a different form of writing, which they do not associate with schoolwork.

        First of all children just love audiences! Ever had a child shout Look! Watch this! They are forever in search of attention and they can find all the attention they need in blogs, with instant attention and approbation from a large public.

        Blogging can help develop a love for writing, greatly improve their grammar and spelling right from a tender age. Regular posting will help them build a responsible attitude and commitment, teaching them to be disciplined and consistent. They will also have to learn about latest communication technology and skills, helping them broadening their views and proficiency.

        By blogging they will also be learning how to type, spell and improve their grammar. They will also learn how to edit and to lay out their ideas on paper as well as building a considerable vocabulary; they will need for daily postings, in order not to repeat themselves in writing.

        Blogging will help them with communication with friends and relatives; they will no longer be reticent when you ask them to say hello to their grandparents or other relatives, children tend to forget.


        Although blogs present all the afore mentioned benefits for the proficiency of your children, it is however important to understand the dangers they may be exposed to on the Internet. Try and be clear on this point and always have control over your childrens Internet activity, without being too restrictive.

        Time limits are also important. Your child should not get hooked on blogging, and should not spend too much time at his or her computer. As parents, your are the ones that should be giving the limits your children cannot possibly give themselves. Remind them not to provide personal information such as their address, name and habits, for they may not realize the danger of providing this kind of information over the net. As long as you monitor these possible dangers, you will find that blogs can in fact considerably help your childrens language development.