Why blogging can also be a disadvantage if not downright damaging!

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 07/23/2009 | Blogs

While blogging is an extremely popular means of communication over the Internet, it also has its social disadvantages.

First of all blogging infringes privacy, after all blogs are in fact private journals people publish online for everyone to view, it may be practical and fun for everyone to share latest photos or news, but think of how many viewers have access to these blogs as well as all the information on your personal life and family.

Secondly, blogging spoils communication between real people. Blogging is not really direct communication, its just sharing news and ideas, there is no emotional and direct contact. People can also hide behind a computer due to their shy character for example and simply express other peoples ideas by copying what they read over the net. This certainly does not help them to develop their personality and overcome shyness or awkwardness, on the contrary they will become more withdrawn from the real world out there, for when online they are confident and in their lives they are not, they become social outcasts.

Time spent on the computer takes time away from your family and friends. Often people who write a lot on the Internet have little to say when faced with real people. A lot of people also find it difficult to express their thoughts on paper, in order to render the informative material interesting, which is a disadvantage when blogging for you need to express your thoughts regularly.

Though its true that starting a blog is easy, it is also true that its hard to keep it up. Keeping a blog updated and interesting takes time and energy, you must keep at it daily if you want some positive results. If you do not expand and change it frequently the blog can actually have side effects on the image of your company or service you are offering, for blogs that are neglected have bad returns.

Another negative aspect of blogging is a health one. Numerous well-known bloggers have suffered heart disorders and have actually perished from coronary attacks. The stress and energy involved undermines our nervous systems and arteries, it results in relationships coming to an end due to compulsive blogging. Depression is often the result of compulsive blogging, this happens when frustration takes the lead and bloggers become obsessed with the lack of traffic on their blog.

It can also be very dangerous when used as a criticism towards such and such a company; you think you are giving out useful information but the end result is you get fired for doing so, the borderline between freedom of expression and your employers rights is not always that clear.

So if you are thinking to start one up, make sure you get your limits set and your goals clear, for these blogs can turn against you instead of favouring you.