Black Hills by Nora Roberts - Book Reviews

By Brown Articles Published 08/3/2009 | Book Reviews
Black Hills by Nora Roberts, Book Released July 7, 2009 The new n 1 best selling author Nora Roberts plunges us deep into the Black Hills of South Dakota in a passionate novel deep with secrets, childhood friendships and grown-up ardour.        The novel begins with Cooper Sullivan, an eleven-year-old boy who is having a hard time at his grandparents ranch, bored to death at having to spend the summer holidays all alone at the end of the earth in a small town where nothing exciting ever happens. Things begin to brighten up when he meets his neighbour, Lil Chance who teaches Cooper to appreciate horseback riding and other countryside activities that he used to shun from.        As the years go by, these summer visits develop into different phases as the children grow up. The relationship deepens into a more passionate one, where the first approaches to love are discovered and the experiences they share accumulate. One particular one they will never forget is that of the terrifying discovery of a hikers body one summer as they amble through the Black Hills.        As the children grow up their dreams and ambitions take on different paths, with Lil arduously wanting to become a wildlife biologist in order to protect her family land. Cooper on his side is struggling with his father, who wishes him to take on the reins of the familys law business, much to Coopers regret.        Twelve years after their first meeting Cooper and Lil find themselves suddenly brought together again by an event at Black Hills. The people closest to Cooper and Lil are in dire need and they ask for their help desperately.        Cooper rushes back to Black Hills to help Lil as strange and evil events start occurring upsetting the village community. Initially these are mere pranks that turn into acts of vandalism, which finally evolve into the killing of Lils beloved Cougar. As Lil and Cooper meet again they remember the unsolved killing years before in those very same hills, the two spring into action to try and unravel the mystery behind the killing and the acts of vandalism, which seem related.        The two close friends work together to try and find the killer lurking in the wild landscape of the Black Hills, for this dangerous stranger seems to have targeted them and they fear for their safety.        This novel is full of suspense and emotion, as friendship evolves into something deeper and more passionate. Dramatic events actually help re-unite this young couple, who have known each other for years without realizing how deeply involved they are emotionally. A moving and fast paced novel, a great read for this summer!