Why Do You Need To Use A Night Cream?

By Marilynn Syrett Published 08/7/2009 | Beauty
Night creams should be an integral part of your skin care regimen, especially if you are on the other side of the 30's. Night creams are special formulations that are designed to nourish and improve your skin while you sleep. They contain a range of powerful moisturizing and nourishing ingredients the help diminish the appearance of aging signs and enhance the overall skin quality.

Why at Night?

The skin's ability to absorb active ingredients is the highest during the night. It is also when the skin loses the maximum amounts of essential moisture. Night creams help your skin restore the lost moisture and absorb more nourishing, moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. In addition, they also repair the damage caused by free radicals, pollutants and accumulation of toxic particles within the skin pores.

Benefits of Night Cream

Night creams provide the skin with a plethora of benefits. Here are some of the potential advantages of using a night cream...

It nourishes the skin as well as revitalizes it.
It supplies moisture to the skin that is lost during the night.
It evens out the skin tone and enhances the skin texture.
It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers.
It also improves blood circulation.
It diminishes the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.
It prevents the skin sagging
it accelerates the cell renewal process
It promotes the skin's natural ability to recover.

Difference between Day Creams and Night Creams

The difference between day creams and night creams is due to the different kind of ingredients that they contain.

Day creams have a lighter texture and contain ingredients that moisturize the skin and protect it against the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. This is why they usually have an SPF rating.

Night creams on the other hand are thicker formulations. They contain more nourishing and anti-aging ingredients that stimulate the cell renewal process and promote the production of collagen and elastin fibers. They help to enhance the skinís elasticity and reduce the visible signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. They don't have any SPF contents.

Choosing the Best Night Cream

It is extremely important to use a night cream that suits your particular skin type. Avoid using very rich and thick formulas because they may do more harm than good by clogging your skin pores and preventing skin cells from breathing. This would be even worse if your skin is oily. It is advisable to use a lighter formulation that is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Here are some tips to choose the right night cream depending on your age.

Your skin would not need specialized anti aging ingredients during the twenties. Use a moisturizing night cream that contains natural ingredients like essential oils, aloe vera, honey, etc. If you have oily or combination skin, look for light weight formulations that are oil-free and non comedogenic. Some of the ingredients you should look out for are alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

Once you touch thirties, you should consider using richer night creams that contain powerful anti-aging active ingredients like retinol, collagen, amino acids, ceremides, vitamins as well as alpha hydroxy acids. There are also available creams that specifically treat the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye contours.

There are chances that the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin would have become much more pronounced and deep set by the time you approach your forties. You need to start using night creams that specifically target stubborn wrinkles and fine lines and prevent puffiness and sagging of the skin. Look out for ingredients like retinol, ceremides, peptides and vitamins.

Product Suggestions:

Kinerase Pro+Therapy Ultra Rich Night Repair Cream
This is a superb night repair cream that works overnight and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is an intense moisturizer and anti-aging cream that also helps improve the skin texture, skin tone and corrects any blotchiness, and damage caused by the sun.

Obagi ELASTIderm Night Eye Cream (now called Obagi Eye Treatment Cream)
This should be a vital part of your anti aging skin care regimen. It improves the elasticity of the skin which makes it firmer which also adds a glowing youthful look to your skin. The best time to use it is obviously at night when the body repairs naturally. The Eye Cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and replenishes the lost elastin and collagen fibers on the body.

Dr. Marilyn Syrett is a renowned physician and nurtures a keen interest in skin care and the effectiveness of skin care products. She believes that every women has the right to healthy and flawless skin. She has also reviewed several products from popular brand names like Obagi, iS Clinical, Clinique Medical and so on.