Top 6 Sites to Share Your Favorite Videos

By Zaithyn Galter Published 08/31/2009 | Internet

Online video sharing is the new fascinating technology on the block. In fact, in social media marketing it is the buzzing and the hottest new trend. The extensive use of the online video sharing facility has not only made it popular among students and other netizens, it has emerged as a whole new method of business promotion among several enterprises as well. However, to get the benefit out of this service you must select the best portal to share your favorite videos. Now, with several video sharing portals popping up on the net space its worth looking who stands out. Here are a few websites worth mentioning:

1. YouTube
The giant in the world of online video sharing market. There is hardly any web user unaware of YouTube and its user-friendly features. With features such as uploading, sharing, commenting, tagging, featured ratings and flagging, YouTube is just what you can wish for in a video sharing website. Thus, you cant only upload and share your favorite videos on YouTube; you can even create playlists, tag and subscribe to some others videos. This video sharing portal is embedded in several other portals such as Blogger, MySpace, eBay and Friendster. Both audio and video quality on YouTube is pretty impressive and allows you a full screen viewing option as well. Besides that, you can also comment on the featured videos.

2. Google
Video: The video sharing portal of Google. Recognized for its clean and user-friendly interface and features, Google video helps you to upload and share endless number of videos. However, to enjoy the service you must download
the Google Video Uploader application.

3. Viddler
Another prominent free online video sharing website that allows you to share your favorite videos with no limit on length. With files up to 500MB, the portal offers you a storage capacity of 2GB every single month. You can create personal or partnership accounts on the portal, both are free. Viddler has an extremely interesting interface worth watching.

4. DailyMotion
Another chart topper when it comes to video sharing and using the benefits of
online video. DailyMotion helps you to view, share and upload videos just like any other video-sharing portal but with a touch of uniqueness to it. This is so since you can find, upload and share your favorite videos featuring any recent event you have attended, your hobbies and interests, accounts of your vocational visits and many others. It is a free portal allowing content sharers to register for a basic account and if you upload original content for a MotionMaker account.

5. is meant for people attached with television shows and stuff producing original videos. The portal is chiefly for those involved in creating and uploading original videos on a mass scale. Basically, it is website for professionals. 

6. TheCult
TheCult is a fresh inclusion in the list of leading video sharing websites. Serving people of all age groups alike you can share any kind of video you like, whether it is an original creation of yours or a popular pop album.

Whether done for promotional purposes or for fun, online video sharing is emerging as a universal phenomenon worldwide. Further, with the rapid growth of several social networking portals, you can easily share your favorite videos and display your artistic skills or indirectly promote your website and gain quality traffic.