The importance of re-writing and re-freshening your website

By Brown Articles Published 09/3/2009 | Copywriting
So now that you've written your web copy you think you're done. Wrong! You've come a long way but not far enough. It is fundamental to re-write and re-freshen your website, you need to provide something new each time potential clients and indeed acquired clients click on to your website.

There are statistics that prove that all readers always scan a new page, whether its relative to what they are interested or not. Re-writing a web page that you realize after you have published it that it's too long will increase your traffic by more than 50 percent as opposed to the original content. A text that can be easily scanned is more popular than a length one.

Avoid burdening your web copy with complicated terms or specific lexicon, this will only slow the reader down and consequently bore him. Be direct and clear, make your copy easy to relate to. You must avoid the reader the effort of filtering your web copy he will be naturally more predisposed to absorb your proposition if he doesn't have to struggle through your article.

Credibility is also an issue here, readers need to know who you are and whether they can trust you. You can achieve this by the quality of your website both in graphics and in the written content. Hyperlinks are also an asset to your web copy, it will be active and fun to read.

SEO is obviously also fundamental, everyone wants their website to get listed in the first page of search engines, so when you are re-writing your copy think of improving this issue instead of the creative side of the article. The pages on your web site need to be easy to scan, highlighting keywords by using hyper links or with bold characters. Subheadings are good as are bulleted lists, lead the readers gradually into the articles, do not simply but a headliner then the text, make it direct and easy to grab on to. It is very important you make the article, web page, new letter or else 'nice to look at'.

There are many ways to make your page look attractive, and this does not necessarily mean you should be inserting photos, there are ways to make what your potential customers are looking at pleasant to read and good to look at. For example there are certain character styles that are more appealing than others. It is also good to have frequent pauses by using paragraphs, and at each paragraph highlight the first letter in bold.

These are just a few tips, just to stress how important the text really is and how it can be very attractive or very dull!