Some new and innovative copy writing tips

By Brown Articles Published 09/3/2009 | Copywriting
Here you are in front of the screen of your PC faced with a 'writer's block'! It does not only happen to you, it happens to many. So what is the solution?

Well, for starters you can't write without anything to base your article on, you need information and have to do some good research work before you start. Dive deep into the subject, the reason you can't seem to get anything down, is because you haven't anything stored in your head! Give your brain some fuel and search for as much information you can find on the subject you want to write about.

When you've completed your article and are satisfied you have got everything of interest down, re-write it adding original content, such as some curious and funny tips about your topic, something you have had to research to find, this will add spice to your copy writing and keep the reader interested.

Your research work must not only involve passive reading, you should be getting out and about in order to observe what is going on around you. Sit in a café or park watch what people are doing, there is no better way to get inspiration than by merely observing. You might see a little boy playing with his grandfather in the park and suddenly get an idea on the relationships between grandchildren and grandparents and how they are taking the lead over parent child relationships. Or you may notice how many people sit alone in cafés, and write up on the estrangement of our times, after all not everyone is out searching for inspiration like you are!

Newspapers are a treasure trove of information, any article can turnover another one along the same lines, simply by re-writing on a relative subject, anything can be of inspiration in newspapers.

Make sure you also have a good reference library at home. A thesaurus or dictionary or any specialized references can give you excellent writing ideas. Look up words and their different meanings, words can spark new ideas and thoughts, which you can easily be turned into original content.

Keep in mind that the more reading and researching you do, the larger your reserve of knowledge will be from which to fish out new ideas.