A few hints on Good Copy writing

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 09/3/2009 | Copywriting
The first objective one must keep in mind when copy writing is that you must grab the reader's attention immediately. When you're writing on a web page you should be considering what the reader will be doing, that is initially he or she will be simply scanning the page, so if you manage to catch his or her attention with your first two or three words, or with a good headline, then you're half way there!

So you really must concentrate on those first few words that will stop your reader from just giving your text a quick glance then moving on to something else. Headliners, are of course the most effective attention-grabbers. A well-thought out headliner will get the reader involved in your writing; so first step is find the right words to stop that scanning!

Your next step will be concentrating on keeping the reader interested; that means being faithful to your headliner, after all that's why he or she stopped to read on. So do not beat around the bush, get right to the subject matter. Try to keep your information direct and clear, do not waste time with difficult and scientific words, get to the point, for if you don't this will only confuse the readers and they will be put off and move on.

Keep your paragraphs short, make the reading easy to follow, the text must attract the eye. A copy that looks too discouraging to read will immediately seem boring. Just keep in mind that most people who are browsing on the Internet are not one hundred per cent good readers, so make things easy for them.

Your main worry is not what people will think of your copy writing, the only issue here is the results you wish to achieve from your copy writing. Ask yourself if you have managed to reach your goal with your copy. Is it giving you the traffic you wished? It's amazing how many adverts you would judge terrible, achieve the desired results; that is people are attracted to them and stop to read. So basically we are not talking quality here, but effectiveness.

If you want success from your copy writing keep these five basic rules in mind: you must catch your readers attention, then keep it, be clear and direct, give a guarantee and you must achieve the results you were aiming for.