Common Mistakes to avoid when on your first date

By Brown Articles Published 09/10/2009 | Dating

When we first meet a person the first ten minutes are the most crucial ones, this is when most of us lay down our first judgment and usually most people make up their minds whether they like the person or not, in that short time frame.

         Seem a bit rash? Well it might be but in most cases thats how it works, so we might as well get the few minutes of our first meeting just right! The first impression we give is that which will stay in the persons memory from then on, so we must try and give a positive one.

         First things first, lets try and keep in mind what we must  not do, if we dont want our date to run off in fright never to see them again! Some things may be more obvious, but others not so, therefore it is best to know what things to avoid doing.

         Laughing is great, too much laughing gets on ones nerves, so keep in mind that its great to be cheery but if you laugh at everything your date says, he or she will soon get bored. If your date isnt always that funny, you can tease slightly for the lack of humor, you will gain more respect from it.

         Keep your drinking at check, nobody likes drunken men or women and drinking will not help disperse any nervousness you may feel or make you less inhibited. Your date will just feel repelled from your inebriated behavior; people usually prefer a kiss from someone who knows what theyre doing!

         Do not try to be sexy or too flirty, this can really turn someone off, be it a man or woman. If you are too pushy right from the start your date will wonder if you are of the promiscuous kind by the way youre behaving. Whether this is true or not, your date will think you act this way with everyone, so do not make this mistake if you want to see your date again!

         Another thing to avoid is trying to be too self-confident and affirmed, letting the other person understand that you are very independent. Its great to know you can care for yourself, but men and women, believe it or not like to know that there is also a softer side to the person they are interested in and that they can be there to help reassure and cuddle them when in need. After all, romance is the strongest point in love, especially in the beginning.

         At times the biggest mistake to make when wanting to attract someones attention, is to keep in a group and whisper and giggle amongst your friends, this is the best way to turn someone off you. This attitude will drive most people up the wall. First of all they will think you are really immature and secondly they will feel you have no respect for them as an individual as well being cowardly.

If you keep these points in mind things can only go better!