Do Your Customers Trust You?

By Katie Marcus Published 09/11/2009 | Marketing
One of the most important facts you need to understand when marketing to your target clients and customers is that they won’t buy from you if they do not feel safe. This means that you have to make them feel secure.

You have to make them see that you can provide them what they need and want even in your marketing collateral such as your poster printing or print posters. They will not buy anything from you unless they know that it is safe for them to rely on you for solutions to their issues and concerns.

Your marketing efforts then should be able to deal with the issues of your target clients for security. How? By providing them with a marketing campaign in your poster printing or print posters with trust. You have to make them believe in you and most importantly, to trust you. You have to ensure that your marketing campaign builds trust with your target clients.

It is not about the statistics that you bombard them with, or even the safety precautions included in your offer. Telling your target clients to simply trust you is not enough. Words without actions are not enough to build the trust between you and your target clients. Unless you show them of your reliability and dependability, they still will not take you up on your offer. In addition, they will not even tell you the reason why.

Does your marketing campaign foster trust and reliance among your target audience? Does your company exude trustworthy values and qualities that your clients and prospects can rely on? Are you doing things to ensure that you build your target clients’ trust in you? On the other hand, are you aware of the things that you do to make them lose their trust in you?

To demonstrate and encourage confidence with your clients, you need to consider and understand, first and foremost, how you can deal with their fears. Moreover, regardless of how trivial you think it is, any fear your target clients have is real for them. You need to respect that and try to address it in your marketing strategy such as your poster printing for example.

Your print posters should also be able to offer guarantees in easy and trustworthy words. This means being true to your promise. If you guarantee to ship your customer’s order within 24 hours then you had better be able to do so. Do not include any promises that you very well know you cannot keep just so you can get them to buy your product. Promise only those that you can keep.

As always, you need to be consistent and accessible when you provide your offer in your print collateral. If your target clients have questions and they cannot reach you, then you can surely bet your money that they will not call you again, let alone buy from you.

The point here is this – no amount of promises can make your target clients feel secure in your offer. Unless you provide them proof that they can rely on you, you will always miss the opportunity to convince them of your worth.